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  1. Moschops

    RS3 Bye bye

    Well my time with the RS3 is nearly done. :bye: The replacement is on it's way after a considerable amount of time waiting for it to go into production. However the day is nearly upon me. All being well it should arrive next week. :racer: I'm not going to state what it is just yet....:p But a...
  2. Moschops

    Afternoon with the mad professor!!

    Spent the afternoon with John 45BVTC as it was time to sort out those yucky looking rear hubs!! Before. [/URL] [/URL] After rub down, clean and a coat of clear POR-51 [/URL] [[/URL] Wheels also cleaned and protected. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] Bluey and...
  3. Moschops

    RS3 Queries

    Hi all, Some questions for other owners... Cooling fans, mine come on when putting the car away in the garage, plus on arriving at work this morning they were running, seems to be quite often, anyone else notice this? DRL's, do yours dim when using the respective indicator? They did on our...
  4. Moschops

    Red RS3 - Kingswinford

    Spotted passing the Bell Inn in Kingswinford, I was going the opposite way in the blue one. :beerchug:
  5. Moschops

    Sprint Blue RS3.

    Finally collected my RS3 on Monday and had it detailed yesterday, hope you enjoy the pictures. Some pictures as requested. I won't go into detail on the detailing as Jay @ Miglior is going to to do a full post and I'll link it in here. Start with collection at Carlisle Audi. Some bloke kept...