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  1. LloydB7

    For Sale B7 upgrade parts

    A few upgrade parts available for B7 some parts may fit other models but you’ll have to find out for yourselves B7 glovebox fridge box Complete with cold air hose and mould proof liner and fixings. Good condition apart from a few small marks and a small blob of superglue that leaked in the...
  2. LloydB7

    For Sale B7 320mm carriers and calipers

    A4 B7 320mm calipers and carriers, selling due to S4 brake upgrade ideal upgrade for B6s and B7s, also fit A3s and other vehicles in the VAG stable
  3. LloydB7

    For Sale B6 B7 A4 underseat storage bins

    Removed from my B7 when I changed to the sliding type. I believe these also fit C6 A6 so May well fit other models too. Includes the 4 screws required to fit each bin. £70 Ono plus postage
  4. LloydB7

    For Sale 4 x Continental winterscontact 205/55R16

    4 x Continental wintercontact TS850 tyres for sale All tyres between 6 and 7mm tread £200 can post or collection from Kingsbridge, Devon
  5. LloydB7

    For Sale A3 8P/ A4 B7 Cab 3 spoke MFSW

    3 spoke MFSW for sale removed from A3 8P big will also fit B7 Cabriolets good used condition £25 OBO Can post at Buyers expense
  6. LloydB7

    A3 8P Airbag work on B7?

    After what seems like far too much work for so little gain, I’m still on the hunt for an airbag for my new (to me) flappy paddle MFSW to replace my non paddle MFSW. Short story i bought an S Line cadges flappy paddle MFSW from a B7 Cab, my Avant airbag won’t fit, Cab airbags are rare and...
  7. LloydB7

    Flappy paddle wheel help

    So I thought I’d treat myself to a new steering wheel for my 3.0Tdi Tip Avant, found a nice S line semi perforated MFSW with paddles and red stitching. The part number was the same from what was given by the seller. Turns out the wheel is from an 09 Cab which I’ve now discovered uses a different...
  8. LloydB7

    Symphony 2+ wiring

    I’ve bought a connects2 bluetooth adaptor which connects into the cd changer plug in the back of the Symphony 2+ head unit. The original blue plug has a brown wire labelled as Data in. Could anybody tell me what this is for and will It have any affect not being plugged in? Thanks