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    Where do you lot buy your products from?

    Polished bliss, the website is my new detailing bible too ;)
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    First A3 with a snow-beanie? :)
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    The plus side of -5.5 degreesC

    It's odd that below -5 the ice warning icon disappears :o Also, I was in France yesterday and it was reading -8 as we crossed the pont de normandie, that was chilly :D
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    Some Ur-Quattro loving!

    I was very lucky to be a passenger in the ex-works quattro below, but not at the time of the picture ;) : Absolutely fantastic car, originally driven by Hannu Mikkola for a couple of rallies :D
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    Cheapest Place for a X-Box 360

    Game seems to be doing some stonking deals on xbox 360 atm. I'm very tempted to buy one for Forza 3 but then also Gran Turismo 3 on the horizon!!!! decisions :p
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    The F Word + Gordon Ramsey

    Gordon telling people to merely "get out of my kitchen" ... something missing there :) There's no celebrities on this series so you've got to be into your food to enjoy it. But still, I enjoy the F-word, I don't think it's gone as far downhill is the recent Top Gear :(
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    Audi A3 Coolant Temprature

    If you don't find much on audi-sport, try these other links too ;)
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    BMW driver gets owned....big time

    And later on a strange "£$%£$% SWALLOW MY GOAT!!!" very odd :p
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    [No title]

  10. PD130 Sport

    PD130 Sport

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    Coolant bleed screw

    As far as I know, you don't need to bleed the system as such like a brake system. Simply loosen the coolant reservoir cap (use a rag on it if the engine has been running to avoid steamy hands!) and run the engine and the coolant will be pumped through and any air released when the coolant...
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    Unmarked Police cars

    Seems they also have a dark metallic grey 330d now :S, spotted it yesterday at the Brierfield roundabout
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    DAS-6 Hard Paint Polishing Kits - Just £99 for Xmas!

    I thought this was an error at first when I saw it on the site yesterday, it's an insane offer and I'm currently putting in an order for one :D Thanks Rich!
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    1ST AUDI, A3 2.0tdi remap, but where (NW)?

    I've heard a good stories about so far, they're in barnoldswick
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    Front Windscreen - Exterior Clean

    Pedro's bio degreaser I have for my mountain bike. It degreases, is water soluble, biodegradable and even works wonders washing hands ;)
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    My minor modding thread

    Simply epic, very nice :D
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    Best Digital Compact

    had a lumix DMC-FX37 for a year now, awesome camera and very compact with a super wide 25mm lens
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    Quick advice on bleeding brakes.

    How odd, I just back from the shops with an eezibleed kit and oil :) I found this post the other day that confirms the order as
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    IPod docks for S3

    I have a connects2 adaptor. picked it up new for £55 and works a charm
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    Thermostat replacement

    I just recently changed the thermostat on my tdi and I found a set of the hinged ratchet spanners (halfords professional half price!) to work a charm for loosening & tightening then a 1/4" drive ratchet, universal joint & rocker for the rest. Didn't need to move the alternator but I could see...