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  1. EXSpartan36

    Phantom Tuning Kent

    Morning All. I'm looking to get my 2.0 TDI tuned and came across Phantom tuning in Kent who currently have a £100 off deal going. Has anyone used these guys before?
  2. EXSpartan36

    Phantom tuning UK

    Morning All. I'm looking to get my A5 2.0 TDI tuned and came across Phantom tuning in Kent who currently have a £100 off deal going. Has anyone used these guys before?
  3. EXSpartan36

    The wife has join the A5 world

    Afternoon all, I thought I'd pop over from the A4 B8 forum and say Hi. The wife has just treated herself to this beast of an A5! I'm not going to lie I am a tad jealous. Its a 2016 1.8 TFSI Black Edition plus. Fully loaded with pretty much every toy I could imagine. We picked it up on Saturday...
  4. EXSpartan36

    Has anyone fitted the Xcarlink or dynavin GPS?

    Evening All Has anyone fitted the Xcarlink GPS SKU2539-2 or Dynavin GPS to their B8? Been looking at the two units as an alternative to retrofitting MMI mainly due to the price and more functionality. Just after advice on if they are any good and what the functionality is like. These are...
  5. EXSpartan36

    Retrofit AMI and factory fit AUX now working together A4 B8

    If any of you are like me and hate having things attached to your car that dont work I have found a way to get the factory fit AUX socket to work with the Retrofit AMI All thanks to a little bypass switch and some wiring If anyone else is interested in sorting theirs out I'll do a guide...
  6. EXSpartan36

    Instrument cluster LED fault

    Right my instrument cluster LED back lights look like a damn christmas tree flashing away. Some times all the lights work other times they are flashing or certain ones don't work at all. So the question is it possible to repair these clusters i.e have the LEDs replaced or is it a new cluster...
  7. EXSpartan36

    Audi A4 B8 2009

    Hi Could you please price up the INT LED kit please. Its for a 2009 A4 saloon it doesn't have the light pack but I want to retrofit the glovebox light and the footwell lights. Thanks Daryn
  8. EXSpartan36

    I've joined the b8 world!

    Alright guys thought I'd say hi. I've been hanging around the 8l forum for a few years. Decided to treat myself to a 2009 s-line 2.0 TDI. Love the car!
  9. EXSpartan36

    Finally found an alternative PAS hose for a manual A3 1.8t

    After hours of angry searching and refusing to spend £210 on a new PAS hose I found a aftermarket replacement for the manual A3 1.8t AUM Audi P/N 1J0422893GM. The replacement part is Edelmann 92332. The pipe comes from america and costs £100 inc delivery and customs charges. I've just ordered...