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  1. EXSpartan36

    Help Please HELP..Exhaust gas temperature sensor bank 1 sensor 4

    The Sensor itself is located after the DPF. It looks like a pig to get to. Manual reckons you have to drop the gearbox mount and remove the center pipe.
  2. EXSpartan36

    Who makes Audi's Shock Absorber? A5 8TA

    Sorry are you asking the question or letting people know who makes them? It is Sachs that make them.
  3. EXSpartan36

    Phantom Tuning Kent

    Morning All. I'm looking to get my 2.0 TDI tuned and came across Phantom tuning in Kent who currently have a £100 off deal going. Has anyone used these guys before?
  4. EXSpartan36

    Phantom tuning UK

    Morning All. I'm looking to get my A5 2.0 TDI tuned and came across Phantom tuning in Kent who currently have a £100 off deal going. Has anyone used these guys before?
  5. EXSpartan36

    Reverse bulbs overheating and a few other questions

    The front mount bolt is 55Nm and the 2 rear bolts are 95Nm
  6. EXSpartan36

    Parts retrofit/swap from donor car

    I thought heated mirrors was a standard feature in all cars? Are the 2 wires there behind the glass?
  7. EXSpartan36

    Parts retrofit/swap from donor car

    There is 2 different ABS modules to find out which one you have fitted have a look at the build sticker by the spare wheel. It'll either be 1AS or 1AT. If it has 1AT fitted hill hold and tyre pressure monitoring can be enabled. If you have 1AS then it cant be done without replacing the module.
  8. EXSpartan36

    Audi A5 problem

    It says something about Gear actuator 2 hanging.
  9. EXSpartan36

    A5 Black Edition Plus - The Mythos

    Thanks mate. Have you done anything else to yours since?
  10. EXSpartan36

    A5 Black Edition Plus - The Mythos

    Where did you get your black badges from? I've just picked up a black A5 black edition and like the look you have going on there.
  11. EXSpartan36

    Glue for heated wing mirror?

    I don't know about gluing it bit Euros do a OEM mirror which is exactly the same as the original at half the price. I've just fitted one to the wife's A5 and you can't tell the difference.
  12. EXSpartan36

    2014 A5 2.0 TFSI S Tronic 115k miles....would you?

    I think as along as it has been serviced at regular intervals and looked after you should be good.
  13. EXSpartan36

    Audi S5 4.2 FSI (B8) with Sport Features

    if you have a look in either the service book or the spare wheel area there will be a white square sticker with a load of random codes on it. that will tell you everything that is fitted to the car. will look like this.....
  14. EXSpartan36

    P2187 AUDI - System Too Lean At Idle Bank

    Have you checked your Exhaust manifold for leaks? You should be able to adapt your smoke tester to fit over the tail pipe which will pump the whole exhaust full of smoke.
  15. EXSpartan36

    Problem with folding mirrors

    Have a look at this thread. It has all the P/N you need. The door modules in the thread have a different P/N to yours so you may need to change them. Have you fitted the new mirror switch as well?
  16. EXSpartan36

    Help identifying gearbox/propshaft part

    The part number is on it. I cant quite read it from the picture tho.
  17. EXSpartan36

    Cam belt kit

    I believe Audi use INA belts as standard. Ford use Dayco in their cars. Cant go wrong with either of them. Get a kick with replacement tensioners and idle pulleys. Best to them all at the same time. Water pump wise you can get one from Audi for around £60-£70.
  18. EXSpartan36

    Which screen wash?

    I also use this. Its pretty good stuff.
  19. EXSpartan36

    alternator removal

    Its held in by 3 bolts. The 2 obvious ones at the top and one which is at the bottom. you will need an extension on your ratchet to get to it as its un-bolted from the back.
  20. EXSpartan36

    Which 2017+ UK models have Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)?

    Everything on an Audi is an optional extra so unless someone paid for it it wont have it. I think normal cruise control is standard but ACC will be an upgrade.