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  1. lakers1234

    Wire diagrams VW TIGUAN 2017.

    Hi guys. I've got a 2017 VW TIGUAN and it was missing the front grill when it was purchased, and also the radar cruise control which was behind the VW badge on the main front centre grill was also missing with the wire cut off . I don't have any clue of which order the wires go into the new...
  2. lakers1234

    NAVIGATION PLUS not coming on , no lights etc.

    Hi guys Just bought a B7 2007 Audi A4, and it’s got the Navigation Plus in it, which has no lights working on it and doesn’t come on at all. I’ve checked the fuse just by pulling it out and it seems to be fine (I think it’s the 10amp fuse in position 15 on the fuse board behind the drivers...
  3. lakers1234

    In a mad pickle. Copart sold me a CAT B car advertised as CAT S!

    Hi peeps, hope you're all well. I'll cut to the chase. Back in November 2020, I won a car on Copart Salvage auction which was advertised as a Category S vehicle, didn't have much damage on it, start and drove with no airbag, chassis or engine damage. I enquired prior to make sure it was an...
  4. lakers1234

    Shaking and Rumbling at 50mph and over?

    Hi fellas, hope everyone is well. Been a while since I posted.... 2011 Audi A3 1.6 Tdi S line 5 door 5 speed Manual under 50mph absolutely fine 50mph and beyond, rumbling all through the car. The steering wheel doesn't move from side to side, just shakes, and you can just feel it on the floor...
  5. lakers1234

    S line: Black edition grill or RS3 style grill?

    Hi fellas someone is asking me for advice so I’m just passing the question on to you people... what would look better on a 2010 60 5 door A3 S line a Genuine black edition grill or a gloss black Rs3 style grill? just to note: the car is standard, has no other modifications. Doesn’t have the...
  6. lakers1234


    Is it possible and how would I go about doing this? Hi guys I’ve got a spare set of s3 8V leather heated seats from an old car that I modified my A3 8p is a 2011 model with just standard half leather S line interior (non heated) Apart from the climate & heated seat controls. what else...
  7. lakers1234

    Audi SQ5 Crash - airbag light on?

    Hi guys I’ve bought a damaged 2015 64 plate SQ5 with light rear damage. Strangely the airbag light is on I’ve not taken delivery of it just yet but does this car have crash sensors in the rear of the car? Or would it most likely be the seat belts tensioners that have gone? thanks
  8. lakers1234

    SQ5 2015 Audi Sq5 rear crash

    Hi guys I’ve bought a damaged 2015 64 plate SQ5 with light rear damage. Strangely the airbag light is on I’ve not taken delivery of it just yet but does this car have crash sensors in the rear of the car? Or would it most likely be the seat belts tensioners that have gone? thanks
  9. lakers1234

    What's the difference between PFL 8V Cluster and FL cluster?

    Hi guys Apart from the obvious 'S3' on the PFL, changing to just 'S' on the facelift, is there anything else different between the clocks from a PFL 2014 S3 to a 2018 S3, for example the display, font etc etc Thanks
  10. lakers1234

    Is it possible to fit 8V heated leather interior to an 8p?

    hi fellas Thinking of buying an s3 of a local garage who took it in part exchange and fitting a set of s3 8v Super sport seats to it. It’s a 2011 Audi S3 8P sportback. Unfortunately the car will have no seats as they were stolen along with the sat Nav and climate control unit, and also...
  11. lakers1234

    Can anyone do the coding and wiring for PFL to FL LED Headlights

    Hi I have a 2014 s3 I have done absolutely everything to it to convert it, after collecting parts over the course of 6 months . Gladly I’ve made my money back off the PFL parts. I’ve done the rear sweeper lights, steering wheel, seats, brake Calipers, light up sill plates, the front end, the...
  12. lakers1234

    Is it possible and has anyone done it before? (Mirror swap)

    Hi fellas A friend of mine made the mistake of buying a 3dr mirror for a 5 door car facelift 8p It would be easier for him to just sell it on and buy a 5 door one, which I’m assuming he might do. I have a spare pre facelift 8p 5door mirror lying around and I was wondering, is it possible to...
  13. lakers1234

    Wanted 5 door 8pa S line rear bumper 2008-2012

    Hi there I need a rear 5 door A3 8P S line bumper with PDC holes and preferably in Phantom Black LZ9Y I'm not in the trade to get ripped off, so please no silly prices with ASN tax Thanks
  14. lakers1234

    2012 Audi A3 S Line: Does anyone know or is this anyone’s previous car?

    Hi guys As stated, saw this on Copart Was wondering whether it’s anyones ex car? Or does anyone recognise it? Please PM me Thank you
  15. lakers1234


    Hi guys I need a passenger side n/s door mirror for Audi A3 / S3 2013 Onwards It must be Power folding. I don't mind what colour it is, S3 Alu finish or Black is preferable but not necessary Please message me ASAP, but I'm not looking to pay Retail Value + ASN Tax so don't give silly prices...
  16. lakers1234

    RS3 sounds or similar out of an S3?

    Hi guys What’s the cheapest and easiest way to make an s3 sound similar to an rs3 . In terms of DSG pops and bangs and just general deeper acceleration noise? It’s a completely standard pre facelift s3 dsg 300bhp. The guy who owns it has already opened the valves on VCDS which has made some...
  17. lakers1234

    Quick way to find paint code?

    hi guys I have won a car from the auction for a family member which is damaged and needs a couple body part panels you guys are going to say: “Check the tyre well” “Service book” “Ring Tps” “Ring dealer” They are all closed now and I don’t have the car in front of me so I can’t check. I...
  18. lakers1234

    Facelift Facelift S3 Steering wheel retrofit issue?

    Hi all I've got a 64 plate S3 with paddle shift and I have put a 2017 Audi S3 steering wheel facelift with paddle shift on On the PFL steering wheel, I could go on the menu where I can select Digital speedo, car efficiency, ACC etc. Now it seems, the replacement for the button that had...
  19. lakers1234

    Headlights: I cannot figure this out by just looking or searching?

    Hi all I'm trying to search on ebay to find a pair of LED (non matrix FL headlights) I cannot seem to work out which ones are Matrix and which ones aren't Can someone confirm if the following part numbers are matrix or non matrix please 8V0941034D 8V0941033D If you just search Ebay, the...
  20. lakers1234

    Facelift calipers question

    Hi guys I am facelifting a 2014 s3 8v to the 2018/2019 model Now I have red calipers on it at the moment from Factory, and the facelift ones I have (with just the 'S' logo on them, are in black), I want to keep the red ones, is there any way to just change the middle bit where it says 'S3' or...