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  1. alpesh26

    Facelift Brake Discs and Pads

    I'm needing new discs and pads all round as my front discs have warped and the rears have scored. I'm running a JB4 so power is up to around 350-360bhp (not verified) and may replace this with a "proper" map in the future. I'm not tracking the car so it will be fast road use. With the extra...
  2. alpesh26

    Facelift Cruise Control Unavailable Fault

    Got an issue with the cruise control on my car, it seems to cut out with a message saying "cruise control unavailable". Weirdly, it only seems to happen in the mornings and it seems to cut out when going up or down a hill. I've scanned with VCDS and there were no faults logged. Has anyone had...
  3. alpesh26

    Fuse box and TPMS Retrofit Question

    Finally got round to getting the active TPMS kit but I have some questions: - How does the fuse box remove so I can get to the back of it to fit "new" circuits? - I've checked the manual and there doesn't appear to be a specific fuse location for TPMS, which is the best one to use? I'd prefer...
  4. alpesh26

    Facelift Alarm going off randomly - Battery?

    I am randomly getting my alarm going off but I'm not sure what's causing it. We have CCTV and there are definitely no theft attempts when the alarm goes off. I thought it could be spiders or something setting it off but I don't know if they can set off an ultrasonic alarm? I did a scan with...
  5. alpesh26

    Facelift Alarm Volume

    Is there a way to increase the volume of the alarm? Maybe with a new siren or with the horn? Mine went off last night and it wasn't very "alarming". It was only by chance I saw the lights flashing. I know the alarm in Audi's have been made to German noise regulations hence why they are quiet.
  6. alpesh26

    Facelift Direct TPMS Question

    I'm thinking of fitting direct TPMS as opposed to the one that uses the wheel speed sensors. Question is, can you rotate your wheels with the direct system fitted? Or does it know which wheel is where and they can only go back on that corner?
  7. alpesh26

    Whats happened here?

    I noticed a discolouration on my rear diffuser around the exhausts but i'm not sure if its heat/burned, sun damage or something else. Anyone know what it could be and what I can do about it? I've tried cleaning it with some APC but it didn't make any difference. The car needs a wash but I...
  8. alpesh26

    Facelift VCDS Changing from Longlife to Fixed Servicing

    Does anyone know the procedure to change my car from longlife servicing to fixed servicing with VCDS or can this only be done by a dealer? I've tried the SRI reset option, but I only get 2 options in the drop down and that's to reset the oil change notification or reset the oil and inspection...
  9. alpesh26

    Facelift MTM Cantronic

    I'm looking at getting a used MTM Cantronic. The seller states that it is fully functional on his Golf R mk7.5 and Mk7 prior to that. Does anyone know if this will work on a Facelift S3 without any re-flashing? I had a look at...
  10. alpesh26

    Facelift Corrosion

    Has anyone had any corrosion on the trim that goes around the windows? I know the trim used to go milky on chrome versions but mine is a black edition so this trim is painted black from factory. There is a very small patch (I'm being fussy but it's likely that the corrosion will spread) which...
  11. alpesh26

    Facelift Black or Chrome?

    I fitted the RS3 grille to my S3 the other week but I'm not sure what colour Audi emblem to go with, I've got a choice of black or chrome, what do you reckon?
  12. alpesh26

    Thinkware F770

    I recently hardwired a Thinkware F770 to my 2017 S3, but the parking mode only seems to be recording for around 30 mins before it shuts itself down due to low battery. I have wired the permanent live to the central locking circuit and the switched live to the 12v socket circuit. I have the cut...
  13. alpesh26

    Facelift DAB Radio Icons/Logos

    This is a proper first world problem but, can the DAB radio icons be updated? My Dads Q2 (MY19) which seems to be more or less the same as the FL A3 has different icons/logos to my 2017 S3 and they look clearer
  14. alpesh26

    Facelift S3 - Mileage Concern

    I've got a 2017 S3 on a 67 plate, but due to a change in work circumstances, I'm racking up quite a lot more mileage on it, its currently at 27k and I estimate i'll be doing 15-17k for work. I know this is going make it depreciate more. If this was you, would you keep the S3 and run it into the...
  15. alpesh26

    Facelift Rear wiper wipe interval

    Can the rear wiper wipe interval be changed with VCDS, if so, whats the procedure? I think the wipe interval is around 6 seconds at the moment, but even in heavy rain it usually ends up wiping a dry window.
  16. alpesh26

    S3 Service Intervals

    I'm doing around 13-15k a year in my S3 and it looks like I'm on fixed 9k service interval. The car is asking for its second oil change at 22k, the first oil change was due at 13k. Am I best staying on the fixed interval or switch it to flexible due to the mileage covered in a year? I do oil...
  17. alpesh26

    Facelift Ceramic Brake Pads

    Has anyone used ceramic brake pads, either on an S3 or another car? Brake dust on the current OEM pads is pretty bad but I hear that ceramic pads have poor cold bite or can squeal. I've been looking at ATE Ceramic pads...
  18. alpesh26

    DA Polishing over Ceramic Coating

    I've got a few light scratches on my Navarra blue S3 which i'd like to remove, but the car has cQuartz UK applied to it. Whats the safest way to remove the scratches from the paint without affecting the ceramic coating too much? I've got a DA polisher, various pads and Menzerna Medium 2500...
  19. alpesh26

    Black Friday Deals

    Is anyone aware of any black friday deals on detailing products? I'm after a DA polisher and probably the pads and compounds that go with it
  20. alpesh26

    Facelift Drive Select: Quattro in Dynamic

    Tried to find some info on this in the manual but it doesnt really tell me much. When setting up Drive Select in Invdividual mode, what does setting Quattro to Dynamic do? Does it alter the split in power to the front and rear, if so, whats the split?