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  1. cocain

    A1 Boot Tool Storage Tray

    Sorry if this is not in classified sales etc as for some reason I cannot see how to post there. Any way I'm not selling but giving away this storage tray that goes in the boot if anybody wants it and is wiling to come to collect from High Wycombe, Bucks. It's FREE!!! From a 2017 A1 S Line Black...
  2. cocain

    Anybody interested???

    I (well my other half ) has her 2003 B6 1.9tdi 130 on her dad's drive. I had to get her a smaller car, shes got an A1 now. He starts it every week to keep it going. I had it and gave it to her a while back when I got my A8. It has dents in most panels as she has had a few accidents but it still...
  3. cocain

    D4 4.2 tdi

    Lol ur funny. At least you have compared the full rabge (nearly) now. all whats missing is the S8 or S8+
  4. cocain

    Outer tail light

    Yes I have changed both sides on mine. Do you have a problem?
  5. cocain

    wooooo, is me :-( ...a short story of my car problems far

    Sorry to hear that dude. i'm sure the hazard light has something for esp switch in it. as i have had to replace them before in an A4 and A3. Having so much problems I would have probably done the same thing as you did. Hope you have luck with the credit card company.
  6. cocain

    Central locking problem

    Have you actually read the pdf files above? Print them out or take a laptop with you to the car. If you haven't got any you will need trim removal tools and torx screw drivers and probably advisable to buy some replacement clips for the door card before hand as it is your first time I would be...
  7. cocain

    Central locking problem

    Lol. The metal plate is not that hard to be honest. I've had it all out to soundproof the doors and change the speakers and replace a window. If you can't get in without going through the passenger side just hold the key fob open button down to wind the windows down and then put your hand...
  8. cocain

    A4 B8 aftermarket head unit... is it possible?

    Lol Yes it's possible
  9. cocain

    Central locking problem

    If the button is loose then it's probably suffering from water ingress. The drive one is usually the first to go anyway as it has the most use. mine is gone but I just press the back door to lock the car as it still opens but just does not lock. I'll post how to remove the handle. If you have...
  10. cocain

    Central locking problem

    A few things. VCDS Scan? Door handle sensor? How many keys do you have? Did the garage have the spare key it maybe remembering that if they did the work and it was the first key being used. How old is the battery in the key? How old is the actual car battery? I just changed my battery and a lot...
  11. cocain

    What's an A8 like to live with?

    I've got a D3 so try this as you are looking for a D4
  12. cocain

    After an A8

    Yea not close at all Lol
  13. cocain

    After an A8

    I live in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire but I would be no good or unqualified, a better word, to look at your suspension. I too will have to go to my local garage to have my suspension looked at. Everything i know about my car is from the forums. regarding the work i have done is purely from...
  14. cocain

    After an A8

    I am not a mechanic and I service my own 4.2tdi it is very easy and takes me a couple of hours to do it all and well under £100. At 160 000 you will need to check if it has had the suspension bushings done and the air compressor for suspension and the struts. 1 of them or all will have had to...
  15. cocain

    My new ( to me) A8

    If I were you I would either (if you intend to keep the A8) go onto rosstech and purchase the original VCDS cable. Then take a full scan and post it onto The guys over there are brill and it is the busiest A8 foruim on the net. If you have replaced the battery sometimes the car...
  16. cocain

    A8 (D3 4E 2G) MMI *modernisation*?

    Just curious as to what route you went with this
  17. cocain

    After an A8

    If you test drive the 4.2 TDI then I promise you will not buy the 3.0 :racer:
  18. cocain

    guide to remove rear seat belt please

    Hi, I'll try and post the guide but I'll have to dig it out. You have to pull up quite hard on the rear seat bench to release it and it should just pop out you can reomove it from the car but then you will have to undo the air bag connections connected to it. you do not really need to do this...
  19. cocain

    Adding sub to Audi concert

    Try looking on the back of the stereo they usually tell you what the wire harness pins are Blue - remote turn on etc.
  20. cocain

    A8 mmi issue..

    Sorry for the late reply as i've not been on for a while. I'm not sure about the phone module under the arm rest. I have taken my phone cradle out as it is pointless if you have bluetooth and I'm not sure if there is a seperate module there. My phone and bluetooth was working fine then I...