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    Upgrade gear knob.

    I've changed my prefacelift shifter for a facelift one, it was pretty easy, just remove the old one, twist the plastic rod that the button hooks on to around 90 degrees, stick the new shifter on Little before and after:
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    Honeycomb grill on b8 - front parking sensors fail

    Most RS style grills should come with brackets to hold the sensors, they need to be flush with the surface of the grill and the number plate needs to be high enough above the sensors to not trigger them
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    Moving into the S4 Fold

    Check the front wings as well, on the bottom corner of the wheel arch they tend to start rusting
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    S4 Forge pulley remap

    Buy it directly from Forge, comes with the pulley and a new belt. They do sell a tool to help remove the old pulley but it's sold separately
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    Pre facelift front splitter
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    Anyone in the Epsom area like my S4 honeycomb fog light grills? Swap for standard

    I tried but couldn't get the cuts right! Got plenty of left over material to have a go another go
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    Anyone in the Epsom area like my S4 honeycomb fog light grills? Swap for standard

    They look great, tried to make my own last week and failed miserably!
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    Battery Replacement with Bang & Olufsen Sub in way

    The sub is easy to remove, couple of bolts and 1 electrical connector
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    Pre facelift front splitter

    Mine is a carbon fibre jobby from aliexpress, takes a few weeks for delivery but is cheap and fits well. Few more photos on the Instagram
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    What did you do to your audi today

    Spruced my interior up a bit, final bit of oem carbon trim & facelift shifter
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    B8 s4 non resonated downpipe advice

    It's a pain in the *** to do, the flange bolts are not the easiest to get to, ideally need some cut down spanners or banana spanners Can't comment on drone though, i have milltek ones, they have a bit of drone in a certain rev range but easy to live with
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    Toms Audi A4 Air-road - Not your usual allroad...

    The aftermarket air setups are great providing they're set up properly and maintained well, that's where most people go wrong! Oem air suspension does seem to have a lot of issues but I've never had to experience it. I have 3p on my S4, no regrets!
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    Possible wheel bearing

    Same as the others, none of the normal checks worked, but had a drone that got louder as wheel speed increased. When I had the bearings changed one of them was purple so that gave it away!
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    Audi A4 B8 Honeycomb

    If you have a s-line front bumper there's only 1 manufacturer selling them. Something like osair, but they're carbon and cost $500usd. Most people make their own
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    s4 b8 steering wheel airbag question

    Just get the standard steering wheel customised and use the original airbag and wiring. No worries about anything not fitting or airbag not working then. I just picked this one up.
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    S4 - Timing Chain Renewal

    I'm on 97k, occasionally get a very brief rattle on cold start if I don't drive for a few days and I drive the car haaaaard. Loads of life left in it yet
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    What did you do to your audi today

    The edges are razor sharp so I have spilt a fair bit of blood cleaning them! And yea they take a fair while to clean, a good sealent helps a bit
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    What did you do to your audi today

    Parked up at Gravity show. Had my car paint corrected and coated with feynlab ceramic coating earlier in the week. 200 mile drive here, chucked a bucket of water over the car and it's clean again.
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    Help Please Another B8 Rusting on arches and on roof !

    I'd fight it personally. Tell them you'll travel there providing they pay for your hotel & fuel once they've been found liable.
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    Help Please Drone Control

    I have 0 drone on my milltek non res kit. Guess the body shape can probably have a effect on it