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    Scream 5

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    8Y Brake servo design

    One of the interesting changes they made to the brake servo design.
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    8Y Matrix Light info

    Here's a couple of pages on the new Matrix Lights..........
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    8Y Interior lighting info

    Some info on the new 8Y interior / ambient light (or lack of in certain areas)
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    8Y Anti-Relay attack Kessey

    Seems Audi have moved to tackle the Relay theft problem this time.....
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    8Y B&O System

    PDF with Some info on the 8Y B&O system you may find interesting.......
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    Fusso rain drop

    Something new I thought I’d give a try. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ABT S3

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    Rear caliper swap. Squeaking cured.

    For a while I’ve had an intermittent rear caliper problem that was a rotational squeak when off the brake pedal. At first it would only happen when hot but as time progressed it started to get more frequent. After fitting the DBA pads I discovered a leaky seal, which made me wonder if this...
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    Spider-man multiverse thingy [emoji23]

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    3 brown spots in Glacier paintwork.

    These spots appeared in my paintwork back in April. Took it to the bodywork guy I use, he’d never seen anything like these before, initially he thought it was on the clear lacquer, until I told him I’d tried to compound them out but it didn’t touch them at all, neither did wet sanding...
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    Facelift Brake piston leaking.

    Changed the discs / pads today. All good until doing the rears when I got to the final rear caliper I noticed the dust seal was damp, so I removed it from its outer seating position and sure enough it was full of fluid. Luckily I had a seal kit I bought a few months back. Clamped off the...
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    Auto express shootout S3 vs…..

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    Facelift Tyre tests 2021.

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    Facelift Millers 5w-30 performance service

    30 k oil change and thought I’d try the Millers oils product. oilman thanks for this [emoji108][emoji1316] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RIp Richard Donner.

    Directed soooo many films in the 80’s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Facelift Goodyear F1 Supersports AO

    Was going to order new tyres today after 15k on the 235 Goodyear Supersports. Spotted this variant that’s just become available. It’s an Audi Original (AO) version, so I rang Goodyear technical and the guy I spoke to informed me they are a tyre Audi are going to use on the new A3 high...
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    Ouch Awesome GTI’s new 8R [emoji17]

    Imagine just collecting your new Golf R and this happens. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    More pictures of the 8Y RS3

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    New RS3 soon to be unveiled

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