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  1. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    Or shell points for free fuel :)
  2. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    If they recommend that for the 3.0 then fair enough. I wouldn't have thought the Shell website itself is uninformed internet hearsay however either
  3. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    Maybe youve only just discovered shell fuels RyanJonS4 lol...stop using tesco and you might learn a few things
  4. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    3.0L TFSI S4 I would not class a normal engine! Normal is indeed like 1.6 - 2.0L bog standard non modified etc. I used to run my old A4 TFSI on normal grade unleaded. As soon as I went to the S4 I started using V power. Whilst im not actually an expert on fuels I just think these sorts of...
  5. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    Im specifically talking about Shell fuels here. 95 Ron is standard unleaded with Shell, V power is 99. I have no idea what Tesco is as id never use that in an S4 or S6 or anything S/RS what so ever. As far is I can see there would be no disadvantage of using V Power at all, advantage wise is...
  6. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    My S6 has both 95 and 98 on the filler cap. Which it will happily run both with a 10-12bhp difference in performance between the two according to my handbook. which in gross terms is barely noticeable if at all. and V power is 99. The engine is still young really in mileage terms which is why Im...
  7. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    I try and run my S6 on Vpower constantly now wheres the B7 S4 I used to alternate between regular and Vpower depending on price
  8. Av4nt

    New s4 owner

    Noisier/Better V8 sound... all I did with my S4 was get custom back boxes and tailpipes. Just doing that doubled the noise of the car and opened the v8 up immensely. Don't think changing a full exhaust is necessary for that car it was plenty loud enough :)
  9. Av4nt

    B8 / B8.5 S4 Insurance Costs

    Jesus some of these are cheap as F! Aviva usually quote a few hundred plus obligatory body limbs and organs.. I just switched to Adrian Flux on the S6 V10, £400 £250 excess fully comp and business use and 5 yrs no claims. not so bad. 30 years young. (apologies I just saw it was B8 S4...
  10. Av4nt

    Is 300 Bhp Enough For Uk Roads?

    nope. Moar Power.
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    What decals did you get ?
  12. Av4nt

    New arrival!

    Very nice :) Congrats
  13. Av4nt

    Chrome delete & lights tinted

    Spot on pal! good work
  14. Av4nt

    Good bye A4.

    Very nice! Congrats
  15. Av4nt

    S5 exhaust fitted

    shes fine mate, favourite food is Petrol and oil though lol. And yeah did the splitter lol forgot about that sorry :) You will see her at AITP we can drool over each others lmao
  16. Av4nt

    S5 exhaust fitted

    Nice mate looking forward to seeing this beast at AITP :D
  17. Av4nt

    Discount on RS4 look Honeycomb grill

    nice, wish the B7 version was as cheap as the B8 one :(
  18. Av4nt

    B8 S4 5w30 or 5w40 ??

    Im using Fuchs ace Pro S 5W40 - I change mine between 7-10k miles
  19. Av4nt

    My RS Project Sample

    oh that is actually beast looking! nice one!
  20. Av4nt

    Off centre square plate and rs4 grill !

    Hell yes thats a winner! Think im gonna have to copy this on mine :)