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    A4 or BMW 3-Series

    12 / 12! :) How can you get any wrong?!
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    Bit of a daft question...

    But, my friend is trying to tell me that petrol engines are stronger than diesels if driven the same. For instance, if I take a diesel to 4800RPM (red line) every gear change, and he takes his petrol to 4800RPM every gear change, I believe that the diesel will still last longer on the whole. (or...
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    Mobile speed camera placement?

    I think they can get away with anythin tbh mate. I was done by one, and that was basically a white van, with black windows, and the tiniest little camera logo on the back to cover the legal side of it. And obviously, when Id seen the logo, it was too late, but to be honest, I think it could have...
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    Do Mobile Speed Cameras Work At Night?

    Hi guys, just wondering, do the mobile speed vans work when its dark? :think:
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    Ohh right, thanks for the replies guys. I havent really given Ebay a thought, I presumed that most cars that actually sell on there are old 106's or Micras etc! Yeah planning on selling it privately, no point on giving it away to a dealer! Ohh, I dont see why, thought it would be one of the...
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    Well, Im thinking of trying to sell my car privately in around Jan / Feb 2011. I was wondering what you guys thought of Autotrader, have you used it before? Did the car sell? Im just thinking thats it's worth selling it privately instead of trading it in for a rockbottom figure. I do want...
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    If Caught Speeding On Motorway?

    Okay thanks guys, so Ive not got much to worry about? thats some useful information Maestro... Thanks mate! But how would you be able to prove that PC Plod was holding the gun when he caught you, and it wasnt on a Tripod, surely its his word against yours, and you know who the courts are going...
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    If Caught Speeding On Motorway?

    Do they pull you up? Or is it just through the post like a camera?
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    BMW M1 given the green light (I think)

    The steering wheel on that Astra is horrid! Looks like the wheel they had on Novas back in the day..