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  1. J

    How are you going to stop the baddies taking your new RS3?

    With the arrival of the RS3 pretty immanent for some lucky owners have you considered how you are going to help stop the bad boys stealing your pride and joy?
  2. J

    S3 Gremlins?

    I'm torn between a Golf R and the newly released Audi RS3, there's obviously no RS3 feedback as yet so I'm assuming some equipment will be close to the S3, There are lots of Golf R owners complaining about stuff: a) Car swaps between mph/kph when adaptive cruise in operation b) Infotainment...
  3. J

    Bluefin S3 upgrade

    Has anyone had this done to their 261hp S3?, i'm interested in having it on my TTS, the TTS is the DSG version and this is what is causing me to hold back a little as I have already had DSG problems with the mechatronic unit and I would hate Audi to refuse any further warranty it may require due...
  4. J

    TTS,DSG or Manual??

    I'm looking for a TTS, I drove a DSG version today and quite liked it, hopefully I will drive a manual later this week, whats the preference out there, DSG or manual?
  5. J

    Quattro Tyre Wear.

    Just noticed something I find a little odd, my car has done 17,000 miles, the rear tyres are just about on the wear bars, yet the fronts still have a little (1.5mm) of life left in them, now I always believed the quattro/haldex system mainly drove the front wheels, only supplying torque to the...
  6. J

    Chorus » RNS-E sat nav Retrofit

    All this Sat Nav talk at "Symphony II » RNS-E sat nav Retrofit" has got me quite interested, has any body carried it out with a Chorus radio? Looks to me as if I would need a new carrier for the hazards and also a new ECC unit?
  7. J

    Cheap foglights?

    I have a large crack in my N/side foglight, anyone know where I can get one besides Audi at £75?
  8. J

    After Market RS6 Wheels

    I have joined in a few posts about aftermarket wheels mentioning my lads RS6 19's on his Golf Mk4 and how they have gone tatty over the winter. Well today we bought 5litres of Brick and Patio cleaner (seems to do the same job as expensive wheel cleaners only cheaper,5litres is about £5) and by...
  9. J

    TT engine number?

    My son is interested in a Mk 2 Golf GTI fitted with a TT "APX" code engine, I have looked and cannot find the engine number, can anybody point me in the right direction please? along the lines of " look between this and that?" Thanks in advance, I really don't want him to end up with a car...
  10. J

    All "Revo'ed" up now

    I know, S*** title but thats life, I got my car checked out today to see if it had a code that was "progammable" and it has, so now it is! very nice, very smooth just like the original but more so, I went to ADS in Preston who were very proffessional etc, Dave programmed it and we went for a...
  11. J


    It's fast approaching time I "upped" my 2.0T, so, Revo at £570, Amd at £700, and MTM at £750 + vat and also Forge?, Revo sound good with the handheld "back to std for the dealer visit gadget" (if next week ever comes) MTM sounds expensive, AmD will be OK, Who's got what and who recommends which???
  12. J

    Aluminium Mirrors?

    I have seen Aluminium mirrors advertised for the latest A3, yet can't seem to find them in the options list? anybody fitted them to their A3?
  13. J

    Out of the frying pan into the fire?

    After a not too healthy relationship with a 2.0FSI, and having looked at everything else out there I have settled on a 5 month old 2.0T S-line quattro, Misano, xenons,bose,rain/light,and interior light, wish me luck..........
  14. J

    2.0T FSI-whats it worth?

    Been offered a 2.0T FSI quattrro 6 speed, sport line, with Xenons,Bose,light/rain pack, missano red, 6 months old, small grille, whats it worth? must have been close to £27K new.
  15. J

    Door seals--again

    After putting my A3 in twice in one week for squeeky door/window seals, can any body tell me for sure if it is the door to car seal or the window seals that makes the noise?
  16. J

    First service-2.0FSI

    First service-19,000 miles, Asked them to also check "noise like something is loose in boot over bumpy roads" "Noisy door/window seals when weather dry" " fuel consumption not as good as it was and also misses a beat when idleing" so £320 lighter and with none of the above fixed I returned...
  17. J

    2.0TFSI, manual or DSG?

    I test drove a 2.0T DSG yesterday to replace my 2.0FSI, I am not sure whether I would go with the DSG or the 6 speed manual, any thoughts on the matter from people who have driven both?
  18. J

    AMD's 2.0FSI upgrade?

    I spoke to AMD the other week, they claim 20hp+ improvement for the 2.0FSI engine and a much improved throttle response, any one had this mod done out there? also and this one probably for foolishA3, is it detectable by Audi at service intervals? I really don't fancy looseing my warranty!!
  19. J

    Rogue A3 or normal?

    I hate to start my posting moaning, and I am a BIG Audi fan, after a few secondhand Audi's I bought a new A3 2.0 FSI sport/Akoya/black alcantara/bose/upgrade on wheels etc, It is a nice car,however, I have had more trouble with this car in one year than all my previous cars in all of my previous...