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    Aggressive/dangerous driving

    I drive on the M5 and A38 on a regular basis (live in Plymouth) and completely agree the standard of driving I see on those roads is awful! Probably the only place in the country I see worse driving is the M25
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    What do you hate???

    I feel your pain there mate! finish at half 11 tonight, home, bed, then on the road nice and early in the morning for a weeked up bradford on avon.
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    What do you hate???

    Some people think what they have is worth a hell of a lot more than what it really is, it's quite funny when you see the same car on ebay for months on end slowly dropping by £100 a time
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    What do you hate???

    Small Dealerships that try to get rid of you as soon as you show any knowledge about cars. Went to look at a s3 8p recently, advert said 4 brand new premium tyres, i went there and they were 4 chinese budget tyres that are rated for summer use only! tried to get him to slide on the price a bit...
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    What do you hate???

    B8 S4 Manuals being advertised as rare on ebay/autotrader... No. Just no. If out of 20 adverts almost half of them are manual cars then they are not freaking rare! and the tax being higher on the manual being higher as well is a pain in the ***.
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    New Clarkson/Hammon & May On Amazon Prime!!!!!

    I can see this program getting pirated a lot.
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    Wandering driver

    I had this happen to me before, left this missus in tears and the drive behind me that saw it all happen and started honking at the coach as well, he seemed completelly oblivious to what he had just done.
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    New rules!!!

    Definite cash cow. it's going to get to a point that acidents will go up due to speed cameras etc, then they'll still blame it on speed and lower speed limits instead.
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    Audi A5 on ebay.

    poor car, the front bumper is a really bad fit as well :(
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    CHRIS_TOPHE are you really ripping me for a fiver ?

    I work with him, he's a sound chap. pretty sure the due date is around this kinda time so probably been a bit pre-occupied
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    ****** insurance

    Most insurance companies are robbing ********. Have you tried any of the forum sponsors? I've found for the past few years they have smashed any other quotes i've been getting.
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    argumentative moron!

    I hate people like that, everyone saying "you can't take it to the grave" is pretty much spot on. he needs to go out and enjoy himself, have a huge blowout on a lavish holiday and buy a nice car! no point having cash if you aint going to do anything with it
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    Neighbours kids keep damaging car, legal advice?

    My a3 was my pride and joy when i bought it, first time i had ever owned a car worth more than a few hundred quid, i had it for 1 single day before a massive football shaped dent appeared in the drivers side door. didn't know it at the time but turns out my neighbours kids like to play football...
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    So I do drugs apparently haha

    completely off topic but those wheels on that car are stunning. love how concave they are
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    Rent dodging chavs

    it's a pain in the ***, these guys know they are untouchable because it costs so much to take them through the courts. i've had a problem with a dodgy landlord next door that has let his house fall in to disrepair which has caused a couple grands worth of damage to mine, would probably cost me...
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    I need a uk address of a relative.

    do you have anyone who's a ex copper? in my experience they tend to know people who can find these kinds of things out
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    Supermarket Hand Car Wash Moron

    my parents go to the cheap road side car washes, i've seen them use what look like quite hard bristled brooms to clean down the side of the car, started at one wheel, right down over the doors and on to the next week :/
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    What is up with people carrier/mini van drivers!?

    ^ that. the thing that prompted this was one of them hammering around a blind bend after overtaking me on a road just outside of the city, i was taking it easy due to the fact i knew there was a speed camera just around the bend, unfortunately i dont think it got him
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    What is up with people carrier/mini van drivers!?

    Definitely going to try the not slowing down for a corner trick and see what happens :p
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    What is up with people carrier/mini van drivers!?

    I would rather not brake test them, if they fail the test they'll write my car off! the insurance payment will be worthless compared to the amount of time i've invested in the car :(