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    Why is it that red coloured cars paintwork looks so poor after a few years?

    Yeah they didnt have a clear coat, so needed constant care - that most people cant be bothered to do. An example of this is Vauxhalls Flame Red I think its called. New ones should be fine though, Id have a non metallic red car anyday.
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    autoglym high definition carnauba wax

    Yeah but you wont get much with a panel pot!
  3. A3 Sport

    autoglym high definition carnauba wax

    Why not think about Collinite 476s, thats really durable, or Meguiars Mirror Glaze 16, both seem good waxes! Ive had AG HD before, and it seemed a good wax, but Im fairly confident that for almost £40, some of the Swissvax things are better for that bit more! My cars white though, so Im going to...
  4. A3 Sport

    Wax Advice...

    Ive been using AutoGlym High Definition Wax, but nearly run out now! I don't know what to replace it with, should I buy another or is there another better wax in the same price range? Thanks! :thumbsup:
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    With Snowfoam, do you hand wash the car after using? The thing is, with winter approaching, I want a quick, easy way to keep the car clean, I ended up cleaning it last year as the water froze on the car! If I snowfoam'd it regularly, would this keep it clean? If I was to buy a snowfoam lance...
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    Glass Polish?

    Bit of a strange one, but on my Blackberry 9700, Ive got a few scratches on the glass screen that I want to get rid of.. I was wondering, what do the glass polishes work like? Do they remove fine scratches? Thanks! :icon_thumright:
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    How to brighten my Ibis A3 back up to what it used to be? Which Products?

    Okay thanks for your replies. The car just seems to have 'yellowed' a bit over the year. I am tempted to clay the car, as its something Ive never done, so Im intrigued to see what results I will get. If I was to buy the Megs Quick Clay or AG Claying kit, would they be hard to use for a novice...
  8. A3 Sport

    How to brighten my Ibis A3 back up to what it used to be? Which Products?

    My cars a year old, and has done nearly 9000 miles. I try to keep it clean, but its not always possible! However, I saw a picture of it when I picked it up, and it looked a lot brighter than it does now.. If I use AG Super Resin Polish, would that work? I also have AG HD Wax?? Ive properly...