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  1. Av4nt

    PO PO Police

    WEst Yorkshire have a marked Insignia VXR also :)
  2. Av4nt

    Pops and bangs?

    Armytrix are very good so hopefully you will!
  3. Av4nt

    Pops and bangs?

    :racer:Im hoping to get some of this when I change my exhaust from the overmuted fail of the stock stuff
  4. Av4nt

    Spiders inside car!

  5. Av4nt

    Anyone know which Alloys these are ?

    B8 RS 4 V Spokes. Personally, yuk
  6. Av4nt

    VAG Admit Cheating Diesel Emmissions...

    Indeed they probably will. My engine isn't economic at all anyway lol so I shant worry
  7. Av4nt

    VAG Admit Cheating Diesel Emmissions...

    Coudlnt care less ill still stay with audi
  8. Av4nt

    Autobahn top speed

    Ive hit the old 155 a few times. Love the feeling of it! onwards nearer to 200mph in bigger beasts must feel so good!!
  9. Av4nt

    Anyone claimed for pothole damage?

    just make sure when you hit itm and you know its caused damage...photograph the pothole!!! and keep the receipt/invoice. both will be required as evidence which will help. even still it will be a nightmare and a pursuit!
  10. Av4nt

    Camo Audi

    That is John Olsons RS 6... I think... may not be, but damn close if not
  11. Av4nt

    Petrol :)

    there was me thinking half their income was from alcohol and the resident 98% of the populations alcoholics...... or do I stereo type looool
  12. Av4nt

    Petrol :)

    :lick: This is bliss for the newly acquired V8 owners, V Power Nitro is 113.9 over here! :s4addict: and god ppl putting tesco fuel in their Audis ..Cringe
  13. Av4nt

    1st Official 8V RS3 shots

    thats just a squashed RS 6 lol
  14. Av4nt

    RS Grille available to buy - who's going to get one?

    Maybe just cklearly picky on my part lol....but the S on the RS badge is spaced too far from the R lol! should be RS 3 not R S 3 :P
  15. Av4nt

    Audi RS 3 Sedan Spied in Neckarsulm

    these the RS 6 reps? they are gorgeous! dunno if the offest will clear my calipers tho :(.
  16. Av4nt

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    This looks stealthy! I like
  17. Av4nt

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    I think these S3 Saloons actually look really good! Might consider one for my next car!
  18. Av4nt

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    S3 Saloon in Riviera blue looks totally lush!!
  19. Av4nt

    Why New Golf R Gets Rated Better Than New S3?

    sounds like a fart in a can this Golf R exhaust
  20. Av4nt

    Bullet bitten - S3 ordered

    Sepang with luna seats can't look bad if it tried!