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  1. Webbo

    S5 looking rear end parts

    Looking to replace my rear diffuser with an S5 version so i can put dual exhaust tips on the back......has anyone done this and have links to parts? or does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks Craig
  2. Webbo

    Wanted Wheel Swap 19inch Le Mans for 19inch V Spoke Alloys

    Looking for a set of V Spoke alloys, can post pictures of my Le mans once cleaned. very few marks....would look at money included. Please let me know as seriously after a set.
  3. Webbo

    Zero satellites found on Sat Nav HELP!

    Few weeks back my sat nav said i was in wales but i was travelling back from weston super mare...... many weeks have passed, i have tried many resets on the system and still no resolution..... Any ideas passed going to a dealer and spending a fair few quid i would have thought.... Please help..
  4. Webbo

    DA Newbie, need opinions and advice......

    Hey peeps, Been on here for a while, going to be biting the bullet with a DA....been looking at the DAS 6 Pro Plus...looking at the meguirs 105 and 205 with white and orange pads...also gonna get a black micro fibre pad with some collonite insulater wax to finish. does this sound like a good...
  5. Webbo

    Interior and exterior LED lights help

    Hi, Looking at the led puddle lights, might as well do the whole lot. Can anyone recommend which Let's to get? Looking at number plate, interior dome, footwells..the whole shabang... Thanks
  6. Webbo

    Exhaust help needed

    Sorry not sure if this is in the correct section, please do move if required. I have a 2014 A5 Sportback S line 2.0T quattro, I would like either quad or ideally the bigger oval RS5 exhaust tips. Are there just tips available or would genuine fit? Or would the RS5 oval tips fit into the...
  7. Webbo

    Air intake and compatability help

    Hi Guys, Looking for the main differences between the A5 2.0tfsi airbox and filter and the S5? Looking to get more noise and air if possible..... any guidance would be great.
  8. Webbo

    Noob in need is a friend indeed

    Hi peeps, I need a little assistance I'm looking for the best rear spoiler lip for an A5 2014 sportback, along with led bulbs to replace and match my led headlights. Also looking for a decent front splitter for it too, or at least options as I have an RS mesh style front grill to fit...
  9. Webbo

    Air intake/induction kits A5 2.0 TFSI

    Hi, What's the best ones out there.....are they worth it any help welcome. Thanks Craig
  10. Webbo

    Wanted Y Spoke 19inch alloy with or without tyre

    As above.....don't mind kerning as long as straight and no for quick transaction. Thanks
  11. Webbo

    Exhaust polishing knowledge

    Hey peeps, Need your wisdom on what products and how to approach doing my neglected exhaust ends..... help and guidance appreciated. Thanks Craig
  12. Webbo

    Newbie A5 Sportback Quattro

    Hi, newbie just picked up a 2014 2.0tfsi 225hp quattro sportback....looking for advice meets and more advise...haha