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    Car driver eventually proved to have killed a motorcyclist

    I only ride a 125 at the moment but it's mental seeing the amount of people that get their **** in their hand about being overtaken, especially in traffic or at traffic lights, I've "accidentally" removed a few people's wing mirrors as they've tried to close in to stop me getting through. See...
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    Bacon Sandwich.

    There's a little shack called Inkies near Liskeard in Cornwall that has built their own smoker that do some amazing meals. One of my favourites is their thick cut, home smoked bacon (cut almost half a inch thick) served in a bap with cheese & jalpenos and with the option of a fried egg. I will...
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    Vehicle Wrapping

    Glad to see you've got up and running, will check out your insta when im home from work.
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    Leasing new Audi TT Roadster. Need advice!

    if you paid 2k for a car, then stuck a reconditioned gearbox with new clutch in the car that would still probably only equal to 1 years worth of what your lease would cost so end up saving 6-7k over the other 2 years.
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    Leasing new Audi TT Roadster. Need advice!

    buy a cheap car for 2k, run it for a year or 2, save a whole load of cash purchase a house then lease a nice shiney new car. Houses go up in price and will probably keep doing so, so should be a priority. Flash cars are wasted money (coming from a 2011 S4 owner) only worth having one if you can...
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    I use 95 on my b8 s4, it actually states 95ron on the sticker inside the petrol flap
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    RS body kits on non RS cars

    Fake RS/S models bug me, I'm also not a fan of S-line/amg/st-line/any others. I get that some people want a good looking car but can't afford the full fat version or the running costs but making their top of the range cars look almost identical to a 1.9tdi takes away some of the "specialness"...
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    This Audi knows when the light’s going to change (Review)

    Set the launch control up to go when the lights are green :P
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    What do people do with their weekends?

    My missus would say otherwise :cower:
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    What do people do with their weekends?

    I surf, i also attend some local meets, usually just stick to hanging around with a bunch of mates that are also in to cars though, bored of seeing the 100s of financed cars which have a fancy set of financed wheels and some lowering springs then turn up to meets acting like ballers. (i'm...
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    Let's Give The Insurance Industry An Enema

    Signed. I'm fed up of insurers pulling a figure out of the air. insurance is getting more and more expensive and giving less and less service.
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    My mate got clamped

    didn't even realise you could get clamped for being on double yellows.... thought the only thing you could be clamped for these days was lack of tax
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    TT 18" wheels

    I ran 225/40/18 on my a3 without a problem so the wheels should slip right on.
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    Is Audi ever going to make a prestige coupe?

    I would give my left nut, right kidney and probably one of my lungs for a RS7.
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    Trump Or Clinton ?

    I thought we have it bad when we have to go to the polls in the UK. They really do have a "the lesser of 2 evils" choice to make!
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    Oh My Eyes..

    "my system" is the stock b8 s4 suspension so i would say it is a quite well developed system... I've been in a few cars with air ride though and they definitely handle better than most cheap-mid range coilover setups, providing they are not dropped stupidly low or raised up too high whilst...
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    Oh My Eyes..

    What's so wrong with air ride? Some cars have adjustable air suspension from the factory. I quite like the idea of being able to change the height im running at whenever i need to
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    Market down for selling a car?

    A completely different market but my old man is trying to sell his jag x-type at the moment, almost immaculate and priced very cheap considering how much car there is there, he hasn't had any interest at all! got quite a few friends trying to sell cars in the £1-2k bracket, all if which i would...
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    Effects of an EU Exit?

    Anoter point to make: If we do stay in all is rosey nothing will change blahblah. what happens if France or Germany leave? I haven't looked in to it personally but i've been told there is quite a bit of civil unrest over there and people are starting to say that they want a vote on their...
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    Effects of an EU Exit?

    chucking in some perspective from another industry here. Shipbuilding: We've recently had a bunch of guys in from somewhere in eastern europe (can't remember exactly where) only a couple of them speak english but they seem like decent guys. the only issue i have is they're doing the job for £8 a...