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  1. Shao_khan

    Does the A2 opensky have any known faults?

    -Link removed- A2 can suffer with anti roll bar issues - its a known issue and can cause a knocking noise at the front esp over humps and stuff. As far as the car goes Sport = very hard ride, my A2 sport is a stiffer ride than my S3 or moddified TT, it does look nice with the bigegr...
  2. Shao_khan

    How practical is the A2 boot?

    I went with myself, wife and 2 kids in the A2 a couple of weeks back to the airport for our Hols. THat was 4 people, 2 buggies and 4 suit cases (2 full size, 2 kiddy size) with ease. Cant fault it for our use.
  3. Shao_khan

    Juddering 1.6 Sport

    you see mine runs fine on 95 or 97 - seems to make no difference. THe thing I will say is that I have driven a A3 1.6 and it is a very different drive, I am not overly enthusiastic about the A2 1.6 - I expected more refinement from the engine and better performance given the weight. Once...
  4. Shao_khan

    Juddering 1.6 Sport

    check out - someone there should know.
  5. Shao_khan

    Is that tumbleweed......?

    Yep and the chipped TDis are quite nippy as well. Although I really want a 1.2 version and 80mpg for the sensible part of me.......make me feel better about the other 6 days a week :D
  6. Shao_khan

    Is that tumbleweed......?

    I guess the fact it won the Autotrader used car awards a couple of weeks back as best in Supermini class puts it amongst the smart, mini, etc.
  7. Shao_khan

    Removing the Battery

    Ask on - will be plenty people that know this.
  8. Shao_khan

    Is that tumbleweed......?

    ITs a good car for a run around, its got more space in the back for the kids than the S3 has and is easier to get them into their seats. with some versions having upto 80mpg return, and all the TDi ones being Congestion charge exempt and £35 tax it cant be a bad choice of motor. Its looks...
  9. Shao_khan

    A2 - which one is best?

    I run a 1.6 A2 now and its good fun to drive around town, the sport model has firmer suspension and later versions 17" alloys, it can be a bit firm. The TDIs are good though and you will see around the 110-115bhp from a remapped tdi which makes it fairly nippy. THe advantage of the TDI is...
  10. Shao_khan

    Spare Wheel?

    Yeah the spare wheel in the A2 is a factory option!!! I think at factory it used to be no cost option, but about £250 if you wanted to retro fit it. My A4 has a full size alloy spare. My Beetle has a full size steel spare.