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  1. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    Joining the S3 crowd

    Congrats! And welcome to the club. How is the vehicle spec’d? Looking forward to seeing the photos.
  2. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift A3/S3 8V In Here

    I can not begin to tell you how excited I am to be able to post in this forum. Here's my 2018 S3 which was brand new when I picked it up yesterday. The weather has been hot garbage for the past few days so not really had a chance to take any outside photos yet (they'll come, trust me) but here...
  3. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    I put the deposit down for mine... pick it up - all being well - this weekend. I'm like a kid at Christmas.
  4. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    "Fake Demo" 2018 S3

    Yeah in those photos they definitely do. He also sent a walk-around video and you can more clearly tell they're carbon fibre styled. I'm unconvinced about the carbon fibre to be honest, maybe it'll grow on me.
  5. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    RS3 vs Cayman GTS vs G63 drag race on top gear

    Yeah, I figured. No launch control and yet it still marmalizes them both.
  6. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    "Fake Demo" 2018 S3

    It's from Capilano Audi on the North Shore. I've been to 3 others near here: "Downtown" on Burrard in Kits, Open Road in Burnaby, and Langley. I can honestly say that the folks at Capilano treated me so, so much better than the other three. The carbon fibre mirror caps/spoiler are definitely...
  7. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    RS3 vs Cayman GTS vs G63 drag race on top gear

    (customary "I know drag races aren't everything about a vehicle" but it's fun, though ;) )
  8. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    RS3 vs Cayman GTS vs G63 drag race on top gear The g-wagon is 100 grand more expensive. The Cayman is 33% more expensive than the RS3. The RS3 gets off the line slowest (!?)...
  9. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    "Fake Demo" 2018 S3

    Thanks folks. Definitely helped put my mind at ease about this. Fingers crossed the test drive goes well and the dealer doesn't try and throw in any last-minute "oh we forgot about these" charges. If all goes to plan, I'll be "one of you" by the week's end :)
  10. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    "Fake Demo" 2018 S3

    If I sign on the dotted line I'll take plenty of photos don't you worry ;) They're a 2 grand option over here ($850 mirrors + $1100 spoiler) which is why I'm not fussed about them as I don't quite see the value there. However, the deal they're putting on the car basically gives me those 'for...
  11. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    "Fake Demo" 2018 S3

    Daytona Grey, Advanced Handling Package, Sports Seats, Black Optics, Red Break Callipers, Carbon Fibre mirror covers and spoiler. It's basically an ideal spec for me, other than I don't really care for the carbon fibre stuff. Definitely will test drive.
  12. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    "Fake Demo" 2018 S3

    Hi folks, I've been hunting for an S3 for a while. One came up in my local market - in Vancouver, Canada - at a trusted Audi dealership. It's a 2018 Technik that has 90Km (_not_ 90,000... ninety) on the clock. It's brand new. The salesman described it as a 'fake demo' - they've had it a while...
  13. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    Car collection day

    Congrats @listers_socks ! Can't wait to see the photos and to hear how you've specced it. I hope your first, and subsequent, drives are just what you wanted. Seeing several people pick up their S3s today which makes me smile. (and also makes me even more impatient to get one!) Safe travels home...
  14. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    Picked up my new S3

    Beautiful @AudiLeon96 ! Congratulations on your new motor. Great spec, too; that's basically exactly what I'd like (apart from some of those things aren't available in the NA market, sadly). Can't wait to see the outside shots. Enjoy!
  15. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    Best holiday destination and why?

    I'm admittedly very biased, but Vancouver, BC is a cracking place for a holiday. Beautiful scenery (can be sunbathing by the ocean in the morning, and skiing in the afternoon), loads of things to do, good roads once you get out of town, only a couple hours to Whistler (great in summer and...
  16. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    What do you do for a job?

    I teach and make web sites/web apps for a university in BC, Canada.
  17. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    (As close as we get to) Quattro weather in Vancouver, BC

    We've had maybe 15cm of snow over the past 36 hours with another 10-15cm planned for the next 12 hours or so. I'm not part of the club yet (soon!) but I'm hoping my fellow PNWers are enjoying it out there. I think I'm right in saying @Flying Scotsman is up here? (Vancouver is basically closed...
  18. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    Hi from Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Thanks so much compusat. Someone clipped my golf the other day - knocked the back casing of the driver's side wing mirror whilst I was in a car park. Have to get that sorted before I can part-exchange her. Turns out, it's not just the back casing, it's the clip in the bottom piece of the mirror...
  19. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    Hi from Vancouver, BC, Canada

    The Sea To Sky Highway is such a wonderful view for 30 or 40Km. There are shorter, but more "fun" drives just outside of Vancouver and if you head into the Okanagan (about 4 hours East of Vancouver) there are some genuinely wonderful road with amazing views. Plenty remind me of country roads...
  20. ProbablyNotCalledTom

    Hi from Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Thanks @Audi Bairn ! Really appreciate it. Yeah, Vancouver is beautiful. Some nice driving roads too which is another reason to have a car capable of a bit more fun :) I saw several posts by @Flying Scotsman on here, great to hear he's from around here! Happy New Year, folks.