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    About Us

    I have personally been a member of the forum for several years, after owning various Audi's. Its been a great resource to me over the years. We have been trading 12 years now and offer a nationwide collection service, we can settle finance, help with cherished plates and so on. We decided it...
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    Yet another RS3 ordered! Cant wait!

    Anyone who is trading there S3 in at a main dealer, might be worth dropping me a PM, we have bought quite a lot of S3's recently from people who have been getting horrendous p/x deals off Audi. Our website is Im confident we can offer you a worthwhile...
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    RS3 8V Orders List

    Mine also has moved forward a week, and did the same last week, now due 16th November
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    Detailer recommendations in Birmingham

    I got G-Techniq done to my S3, worth every penny, i got the Serum, topped with C2. Ive got a Nardo RS3 coming in a couple of months and will be getting the same done. Im in the motor trade myself so I'm more than aware of "paint protection" but this stuff is in a league of its own, we have had...
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    Am I really seeing this?!?!

    Its to do with Jon Olsson,
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    LED Lights & Comfort Pack - Paying Twice?

    It does have a dash on the S3 model which says it doesnt apply to S3's
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    LED Lights & Comfort Pack - Paying Twice?

    Thanks - i don't actually have the brochure - i shall download it :)
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    LED Lights & Comfort Pack - Paying Twice?

    Hi, I have noticed this topic has been raised before, but never found a definitive answer. The comfort pack consists of Acoustic Glass, Rear Sensors, Light & Rain Pack, Cruise Control, Auto Rear View Mirror. LED Lights contains the following duplicated from comfort: Acoustic Glass, Light and...
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    UK build times

    I ordered an S3 on Tuesday, being told BW 18 - end of April, with it due to land on our shores the middle/back end of May.