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  1. Av4nt

    Audi Servicing

    They change as little as possible in the workshop to save money so they can charge extortinate labour for the cup of coffee with dusted chocolate audi rings ontop whilst you wait.
  2. Av4nt

    Halfords hydraulic jack review!

    yep I got one a few months back. worthy purchase
  3. Av4nt

    Needle sweep

    this is also not possible on a B7 S4 55 plate?
  4. Av4nt

    2.0 FSI chain tensioner issues!

    What you need is.... a member called Craigcull im sure he's just done one of these engines chains! Send him a pm, he is in the know about TFSI chains and nuts/bolts.
  5. Av4nt

    Aluminium Tax Disc Holder - whats it good for now?

    Mines now an aluminium Beer coaster
  6. Av4nt

    What colour grey is this?

    That looks too dark to be dolphin grey. could be the light i guess
  7. Av4nt

    Why Does The Corsa Vxr Have Better Acceleration?

    380bhp corsa damn lol i wouldnt even try !!
  8. Av4nt

    Why Does The Corsa Vxr Have Better Acceleration?

    I giggled when I saw this thread. I just had a blip with a white Corsa VXR and it lost miserably :P
  9. Av4nt

    Pothole damage to my wheel and council claim?

    This is all well and good, but shouldnt take expensive tyres and wheels for them to first hear about it the wasters. I hate councils they are utterly useless. they should have persons trawling major routes/roads LOOKING for potholes as part of their care and safety of road users ffs. after all...
  10. Av4nt

    EGR Valve Failure

    When my EGR valve failed on my old car it cost £300 for the part also. No repairable tho as the flap snapped off the rod that opens and closes. handy
  11. Av4nt

    Just a quick colour question....

    Spiderman may know, afterall it is his feared enemy... I believe it is Java Green mate
  12. Av4nt

    When accelerating hard rev needle moves but car doesnt pull possible clutch slipping?

    Your on factory clutch with 250hp/336ft... damn that clutch is on its way out!! Guess I shouldnt worry too much about my 2.0T clutch on a stage 1 so much now haha..
  13. Av4nt

    Respraying Engine Cover?

    surely nitromors would eat away at that plastic?!
  14. Av4nt

    Respraying Engine Cover?

    I would have thought a couple good coats of plastidip would be fine for that. Not sure about its heat resistance though being on top of engine.
  15. Av4nt

    Best re-map for 2.0tfsi ?

    +1 Rick @ unicorn. Had mine remapped a few weeks ago.
  16. Av4nt

    s3 8p 2007 steering wheel polished centre band

    Dealer i guess? not sure if that part alone can just be replaced ?? might have to get the whole airbag cover (centre of wheel)
  17. Av4nt

    *** HID group buy from WELLDONEHID. Wiper safe. ***

    You mean like xenon projectors? I installed H7 bulbs into the halogen housing.