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    Ski hatch/passthrough

    Hi Forum, Interested to know if the b9 has this hatch through between the rear seats (behind the arm rest). Have had a look around, and can’t find any info on it. Does anyone have this? Or have a part number? Cheers
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    Oil change - hand pump

    Hi guys, My A4 is due an oil change, and I like to do these things myself. Just wondering if anyone has used one of those hand pump style system thingies where you feed the tube in through the dipstick? Are they too good to be true?!
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    Pad/Disc replacing Front & Rear

    Hi Forum, Getting to the point where my brakes need attention, and like many other times I feel the itch to do this myself! I’ve found lots of guides/vids on how to to B7/B8, but nothing for B9. Has anyone done theirs? I’m confident enough that I know the process for the fronts, but the...
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    Remove/Fit roof rails (Avant)

    Hi Forum, As title suggests, has anyone removed/fitted the roof rails on the B9 avant? I’m getting black ones to replace my chromes, and wondered if anyone has any fitting tips? I’m guessing the process will be the same as removing the whole interior headliner? TIA
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    Remote start

    Hi Forum, Winter’s here! Just wondering if there’s a remote start option for my B9? I’ve checked menus and I can’t see anything. Possible retrofit? Thanks!!
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    Alloy upgrade size

    Looking to upgrade my 18in on my B9 S-line avant for something different. I’m thinking 19in but wondering if I can squeeze 20in. Anyone have 20s on their B9?
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    Avant rear wiper blank/removal

    Anyone done this? I’m starting my own business and have got rear window decals and want to use the whole window!
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    A4 B9 re-gas

    Hi Forum, Some help/advice please. My 2016 B9 air-con isn’t blowing time for a re-gas! I’ve checked and it uses r134a. I’ve watched a few vids, and researched online and I think I’m clear on what I need to do, so I’ve got some refill cans and the refill hose. I’m by no means a...
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    Monochrome DIC - minimum display

    Hi Forum, Fumbling through the DIC menus I noticed a message that’s either new, or I just hadn’t noted before! I get a message “Minimum display: on”. I’ve looked in my manual, but I only have info on the VC or the colour DIC (7in is it?) Does anyone know what this minimum display is and how I...
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    A4 LED lights in France

    Hi Forum, quick question that I think I know the answer to, but just in case... Am driving in France next week in my B9 Avant S-Line, with the LED (not matrix) lights. Do I need beam reflectors, or will they auto-adjust, or are they OK as is? I think I don’t need to do anything, but grateful...
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    Little lockdown project...

    Thought I’d share my lockdown project with you. I’d wanted the BE when I was looking for this A4, but there weren’t many available and certainly none in my budget. So, as I had a few weeks on my hands, I decided I’d make my own BE! Mods: - All brushed silver trim inside (removed and) sprayed...
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    Wanted A4 B9 s-line front bumper (ibis white pref)

    Hi forum, looking for the above if available. Ibis white would be great, but happy to look at any colour. Part number: 8W0 807437 FL cheers!
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    For Sale 18in original alloys

    For sale; 4 x 18in diamond cut alloys & tyres from a4 avant. Tyres are all Nexen N’Fera SU4. 4 new tyres less than 500 miles ago. ZERO kerbing, but one wheel has started to do that weird corrosion thing, can be seen in 1st photo. Sensible offers please...need the cash to part fund some 19s...
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    A4 18in diamond cut alloys

    Hi Forum, I’m considering an alloy upgrade on my a4 avant. I’m wondering what I could get for my current alloys, second hand? I’ve checked eBay, which is my usual go-to, and found one set for £1800! Anyone have any ideas?! Thanks
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    MMI display trim removal

    Hi Forum, Anyone know how to remove this trim panel (in red)?
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    B9 Hardwire Dash Cam

    Hi Guys, Looking for some advice powering my dash cam. In previous (non-Audi) car I had it spliced into the 12v supply at the front. Looking to do the same with my A4, but checking that the supply is only ignition live and not permanent live? If so, does anyone have any instructions for...
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    Upgrade sound

    Hi Forum, I’ve recently bought myself an A4 B9 avant. It has the standard Audi sound system in it. The sound quality is a bit pants IMHO! Is there anything I can do to upgrade the existing without spending a fortune on an ice install? Cheers
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    Dynamic door indicators

    Anyone have any views/experience of these? Love a bit of dynamic indicating!! £29.68 16% Off | For Audi A4 S4 RS4 B9 2016-2019 A5 S5 RS5 Dynamic Turn Signal LED Light Side Wing Rearview Mirror Indicator Sequential Blinker
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    B9 folding door mirrors

    Hi Forum, I’m looking at retrofitting folding door mirrors. I’ve found the below, but in my typical tight fashion, I’m wondering if I can get the parts cheaper and then code separately.
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    Headlight removal

    Hi Forum, looking for some info removing front drivers headlight. It’s misted up so need to dry it out etc. Do I need to remove the front bumper as well? I think I do, but just checking if there’s any shortcuts. Or is there a simpler solution here?! Thanks