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  1. coullstar

    High mileage 1.8T

    Folks, going to look at a 1.8T 190bhp avant 2004 at the weekend with 120k miles on it. Its been serviced every 10k miles or less for the last 7 years and I know about the sludge build up but how many people have actually had an issue with it? Other than the sludge build up and the usual coil...
  2. coullstar

    For Sale 19in S4 Peeler wheels

    Set of original 8.5x19in S4 peeler wheels from my S4. They are 5x112 with 66.6mm centrebore. Cant fit 57.1mm with spigot rings. All have small marks and light kerbing to an extent, they would make ideal winter wheels or once a base refurb will get them back to good. Located near Aberdeen...
  3. coullstar

    Sold B8 Sprint Blue S4 Avant.

    Decided to see if the S4 will sell. Various reasons which I wont go into but not as a result of anything wrong with the car at all. In fact you could argue its one of the best all rounders on the market. Currently on 78k miles, just serviced last week. Full service history. Has a brand...
  4. coullstar

    S4 Forge pulley remap

    I have bought a Forge pulley to fit and have been looking at remap options. There are a few companies that Ive had info back from but just wondering who people have used for remapping once they have fitted their pulley and any feedback. Anyone used Revo? Looks like the pulley diameters are...
  5. coullstar

    Advanced Key resync

    Looking for some help. I bought my car at the weekend and the previous owner had said he had never used the spare and the battery had died. He had it about 2 years. I checked and the battery was in the wrong was round so I put it in correctly and the LED now flashes. The manual key works in the...
  6. coullstar

    Checking timing on a S4

    Going to look at an S4 on Sunday and was wondering if there is a way to check cam timing using VCDS. I have done it on an R32 before and just wondered if there was same process? Im assuming it would tell you the same thing as on the R32 so that you can see if there is sufficient slop to show...
  7. coullstar

    For Sale B5 Rs4 - possible p/x with B8 S4 avant

    Ive been thinking about this for the last 6-8 months so just thought Id put an add up and see what happens. Ive had 50+ cars in my lifetime but this is the hardest one to think about selling. If you have time my members thread is linked, it has the progression of me owning the car since Ive...
  8. coullstar

    Stronic - can revised box be fitted to older car?

    Started looking at some S4's and 59 plate one that had a box change about 2 years ago with a new one. Would this have been with the latest version or is there an easy way to tell?
  9. coullstar

    Looking for B8 S4 avant

    Hi folks, long time since Ive been on here but just thought Id come on and see if anyone is looking to sell there S4 soon. Im looking to sell my B5 RS4 at the moment and would be moving to a B8 S4 avant, Ive owned an 09 manual one a few years back and it ticked a lot of boxes. Anyway if anyone...
  10. coullstar

    S4 starter motor part number

    Well it looks like my starter motor is on its way out. Anybody know what the part number is or a good place to get one from as Im sure Audi will be hooooring expensive. Is it shared between any other cars? B6 S4 by the way.
  11. coullstar

    MTM Bimoto reps

    Is there anywhere that sells MTM Bimoto wheels reps? I had an S3 a few years back that had a set and would like to find another set but Ive never seen any since. Would love originals but not the price.
  12. coullstar

    Towbar - wiring in smart relay

    Bolted up my towbar at the weekend and started to look at fitting the smart relay last night and hit a snag. The wires from the smart relay do not seem long enough to reach either side of the car. I can tap into one side of the rear lights but wont be able to reach the other side. Am I...
  13. coullstar

    Alternative to Milltek's?

    Just bought my S4 at the weekend but already looking at exhausts. I'll only be going for Catback and have found plenty of info on the Milltek's. Whats there doesnt seem to be is info on other options available in the UK. Ive seen the Mangnaflow, Fast Intentions, AWE etc from the States but...
  14. coullstar

    Avant rear wiper.

    Bought an S4 Avant at the weekend and the rear wiper was limp and after looking at it tonight it broke off. I cant get the fecker of the spindle so I'll cut it off and get a replacement. Do most people just fit the standard OE part or anyone tried and alternative?
  15. coullstar

    Alcantara seats

    Any known issues with wear on the half alcantara seats and are they considered as less desirable on the S4?
  16. coullstar

    S4 V8 buying guide

    Afternoon folks. Im considering a S4 avant and would like to know if there is anything specific to watch for i.e. is there components thats should have been looked at / replaced in higher mileage cars? I am budgeting about £10k so mileage will be around 80k+. On the mpg Im guessing 21mpg...
  17. coullstar

    8L S3 to 8P 3.2

    Afternoon all. Ive currenltly got a 2000 S3 with a fair few mods and its an amazing fast A to B car. Im thinking of selling and possibly getting a 3.2 quattro as I miss the NA and V6 noise from my old V6 4motion Golf. Has anyone done this that could help with the decision? What the handling...
  18. coullstar

    Unfortunately car for sale Any questions ask away.
  19. coullstar

    New wheels

    Bought some new wheels so washed the car and fitted. Need some 15mm spacers for rear. What do you think? Never seen an S3 with these. Note car might also be sadly up for sale.
  20. coullstar

    Abt wheels on S3

    Anybody got photos of an S3 with ABT wheels fitted?