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    My BMW e34 M5

    that beemer is a classic. best m5 imo. raw power.............
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    Need a skyline ?

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    gti international

    hi all , will be going to gti international tomorrow, travelling from gatwick area. basically are there any road closures or major road works going on? googled from mine to inters and its just over 2 hours. im allowing 3 hours but do you think this would be enough time?. also im going to have a...
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    where do you buy your add ons?

    thanks dave, i see you have an induction kit and forge 007p dv, where did you get these and how much you pay?
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    where do you buy your add ons?

    where do you guys get all you bits n bobs from? im in south east and want to know if there is any places i can just walk into and pick parts up off the shelf like induction kits, dump vales etc. ive had stuff from ebay in the past but have had a few problems with items getting to me or are not...
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    Is it wrong that I like this!?

    like it, looks cool
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    Airport Parking at Gatwick

    well i now know where gatwick parking company park their customers cars. right behind my work in salfords surrey, on an industrial estate. this fella roared right up in a mercedes amg ragging the *** off it , parked it, blipped the alarm then jumped in another car (bmw 5 series), cold engine and...
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    Airport Parking at Gatwick

    my mate works for a parking firm at gatwick, he has often picked me up in customers cars and ragged the pants off it, you have an R8, be more like diesel a4 afterwards. seriously dont do it. and also if their carpark is full they park the cars usually down side roads in horley, charlwood, and...