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  1. KKM

    Winter Mode

    All, Winter detail complete. Full clay (using Carbon Collective Exfoli-mitt) , de-tarred and glazed with a spot of Zymol, windows coated with Nanolex and then the bodywork coated with 2 coats of Gtechniq EXO v2. Should see it through the winter months...... So after marking every single...
  2. KKM

    Wheels / Photoshop

    All, Any whizzes out there that can superimpose a couple of sets of wheels on to an RS3 pic? Ideally the new RS4 & RS6 wheels.......... I have some winter rubber to go on soon when is gets cold and was fancy a new set of wheels too. Thanks in advance Kev
  3. KKM

    Sport Button....

    All, Noticed this last night on my drive home. Normal procedure is to start car and then straight away hit the 'S' button......with the secondary by-pass pipes, the noise is awesome... However, my problem at the moment is even with the 'S' button on, there is no change in my exhaust note...
  4. KKM

    Winter Detail on the RS3

    Yo! Decided to do a winter detail on the RS3 couple of weeks back and thought I would share some photos. Also managed to pick up some foam tiles for the garage from Costco so fitted them to my garage floor. Normal kinda stuff, nothing new.... Process – Hot Foam via Power washer – Auto...
  5. KKM

    Winter Tyres

    Talk to me. Any to avoid? Looking at getting a set of Michelin Alpin's Thoughts / Comments please cheers Kev
  6. KKM

    Air Con recharge....

    My brother in-laws air con in his Q5 (2011) has started to smell a bit. Almost like an old wet towel / mouldy smell..... Should this be able to be cleaned/recharged under warranty or does it require an independent company to carry out the work?? Thanks in advance Kev
  7. KKM

    Which lowering springs??

    As the title suggests, Anyone else done so and which springs did you go for? cheers KKM
  8. KKM

    Boost Display

    Is this a standard feature? Or do I have to get this enabled? I thought it displayed the boost gauge when in launch control? thanks in advance Kev
  9. KKM

    RS3 - CH/LH lights

    Yo! I recently collected my RS3 from the dealership. Arrived home and started to play around with my settings etc. My on-board computer does not have any settings for my lights at all? apart from turn signals I ideally wanted to have the CH/LH lights set up. Called the dealership back and...
  10. KKM

    Torque values for wheel bolts

    Yo! ......... thinking about taking my wheels off to clean them this weekend. First question is where can I find the torque value to re-tighten the bolts.............secondly, what size wrench should I buy? TIA Kev
  11. KKM

    Wiper arms / motors .....

    How do you gain access to the wiper arms / motors?? Snow off the roof of the g/f's A3 on to the windscreen and she used the wipers........ now only one works. Think one of the arms in bust :sadlike: TIA Kev
  12. KKM

    Wheel Fitment

    Howdy, I am about to send my wheels away to get refurbed.... I have been offered a set of Mk5 Golf Gti wheels as a replacement while mine are being resprayed. Will these fit??:unsure: Thanks in advance........ Kev
  13. KKM

    Fan washer jet heads

    Howdy, Anybody know if I can swap the current washer heads on my 58' S3 (3 separate jets) to the 'Fan' type? Thanks in Advance Kev :icon_thumright:
  14. KKM

    Dimensions '08 S3

    ............. I am currently looking at a new house and want to know for sure if the car will fit into the garage..... Anybody supply me with the wing mirror - point to point dimension.? Dont want to buy the house and then find out that the car dont fit!!:banghead: Current owner uses it as...
  15. KKM

    Roofbars on the Sportback.....

    Anybod know if you can fit crossbars to the roof rails so you can attach a bike or 3 to?? Suggestions / Compatible makes if Audi dont do ones. Thanks in advance Kev :confused::banghead:
  16. KKM

    New DRL / headlights

    I pick up my new S3 in 2 weeks time, but unfortunately it wont have the LED running lights. Anybody know if the new headlights will fit the none face-lift car...... if so major re-wiring hassle to fit them......... cheers Kev :confused:
  17. KKM

    Mudflaps for S3 (8P)

    Anybody know if Audi do fitted mudflaps for the S3, I had a set of profiled jobbies on my s-line, I am after similar ones. :banghead: