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  1. Donny_DJ

    Sold Genuine Audi S5 Flat Bottom Leather Steering Wheel Auto Paddles (A5,RS5,A4,S4) & Airbag

    Hi all, Full details here: Thanks Dom
  2. Donny_DJ

    Sold Genuine Original Audi RS4/RS5 20” Rotor Alloy Wheels & Tyres (Rota Rotar) A5,S5

    Hi folks, selling a set of 4 x Genuine 20” Audi RS5 Rotor concave Alloys with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 275/30/20 tyres (5-6mm tread). They are off a 2011 RS5. Reason for sale is I have swapped them for another set. They are 9J wide with ET26 offset and will fit any A5, S5 or RS5 with no arch...
  3. Donny_DJ

    For Sale 2012 (61 reg) Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Black Edition (S-Line) Quattro 2dr Coupe, Ibis White

    Hi everyone, If anyone is after a clean A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro Black Edition Coupe mine is for sale via Southern Prestige. It’s a 2012 so doesn’t suffer from the dreaded oil consumption/piston rings issue Naturally, it will be sold...
  4. Donny_DJ

    For Sale OEM Genuine Audi A5/S5 Flat Bottom Leather Steering Wheel & Airbag 8P0419091 CR

    Hi all, This lovely wheel was originally off an Audi S3 but had the necessary alteration (by Ash @ Audi-Retrofits) to be fully compatible for a manual Audi A5/S5. Full details and photos...
  5. Donny_DJ

    2.0 TFSI power differences (180 vs 211)

    Hi all, Thinking of buying a 2011 Audi A5 Black Edition in manual non-quattro, and noticed Audi offered the petrol 2.0 TFSI in two power variations; 180 and 211. This seems odd to me and I'm scratching my head. Does anyone know why Audi did this? What exactly are the differences between them...
  6. Donny_DJ

    Rotors on the R8

    Hi all, Thinking of buying an R8 at some point. Love the Rotor wheels but never see them on R8s. Did they even make them for the R8? What's the offset etc? I understand the rears are a lot wider than the fronts. Presumably the below one has had a set from an RS5 or something? Or perhaps...
  7. Donny_DJ

    Show us your A3/S3 in Audi Exclusive colours & wraps

    There seems to be a few active members on here who have some fascinating rare colours so if you have a an Audi Exclusive colour (Kingfisher, Suzuka, Nardo etc) or wrap then feel free to get a pic or two up here and a short description! Cheers Donny
  8. Donny_DJ

    Retrofitting Xenon Vs Bi-Xenon headlights into A3 8P

    Ok so what's the story with these peeps? My non-xenon headlights are p*ssing me off because they're so poor (even with uprated Bosch bulbs) so I think Xenons are the way forward. Are single xenons a straight swap with existing. How about bi-xenons? Does anyone have part numbers? Anyone have a...
  9. Donny_DJ

    Avus Silver A3 2.0T FSI S-Line - Casual build thread (pic heavy)

    Hi all, A few of you know me already as I’ve been on the forum for a few years now but decided it’s finally time to write up my own ‘casual’ build thread. I know you lot enjoy a pic or two so there's plenty here... By way of introduction I’ve always been a petrol head. My first ‘real’ hot hatch...
  10. Donny_DJ

    Chrome foglight surrounds on 2006 (8P2) S-Line?

    hi all, Are these available and anyone done it? Cool mod but only seems to be avail on 8P3. Here's the front of my car: And here's the chrome ones I'm after: Any info would be really appreciated. Thanks
  11. Donny_DJ

    RS3/Black Edition 'Rotor' Alloy Wheels - thoughts please

    Just got a quote to refurb my existing RS6/S-Line wheels in Black Chrome from the Wheel Specialist...£350 which I think is a little steep. It's got me thinking I really like the Rotor alloys which Audi fit on the S3/RS3/TTRS/ Black Editions etc but they're fetching £1.1k on the bay so unfor...
  12. Donny_DJ

    Mk2 Audi TTS Flat Bottom Steering Wheel to fit A3 / S3 (8L) & TT etc

    Dear all, I have a stunning flat bottom TTS steering wheel & airbag for sale which would fit any of your cars so let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Donny
  13. Donny_DJ

    Car won't start - HELP PLEASE

    Scenario: Bought car A few days later it won't start (clicking noise from engine when turning the key?). No lights/bulbs left on. Got it jump started but still doesn't start alone New Bosch battery fitted - seems ok now A week later battery is dead so doesn't start?!! Anyone tell me what's...
  14. Donny_DJ

    S3 Xenon Headlights into an A3 (8P2)?

    Hi all, Are the headlight units a straight swap or would that be too good to be true?! (I was eyeing these up: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace) Thanks Donny
  15. Donny_DJ

    New Arrival (incl pics) & some questions

    Hello, After a long think I took the plunge decided on this A3 (my 4th Audi!) after deciding my TT is too impractical! I know you lot enjoy a pic or two so here we are: It has 53k, 3rd owner, £8,800. I am planning on adding some H&R spacers at the weekend (20 + 30mm per axle) and...
  16. Donny_DJ

    Funky House mixes for your motor!

    Hi, I'm fairly new to the forums. In the process of getting an Audi A3 (8P2) 2.0T S-Line this week - will post some pics up in the appropriate forum soon! Anyway, I do some dj'ing on the side so if you are into Funky House then give mine a whirl: DonnyChristian's Spotlight page on SoundCloud...
  17. Donny_DJ

    Audi A3 S-Line (Avus Vs Akoya Silver?)

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and looking at buying a '06 or '07 2.0T S-Line (2WD or Quattro, ain't decided yet!). I've done a search and still don't understand the difference between Avus Silver and Akoya, they look identical - can anyone shed any light? Also, long shot but anyone got any...
  18. Donny_DJ

    *Audi S3* old Vs Facelift Headlights - straight swap?

    Hi Audi petrolheads, Sorry if this has been raised before but couldn't find an answer and was hoping you can help. I'm new to the forum and would like some advice! My car's an early 2000 and has the two piece headlights. Are the facelift one-piece headlights a straight swap for mine? I...