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  1. SL11CKK

    Sold Audi A5 S5 B8 B8.5 Black Edition/Rotors 19” Alloy Wheels ET33 9J 5x112

    Up for grabs are Audi A5 B8/B8.5 Black Edition/Rotor wheels which I had on my sportback until I sold the car 2018 and has been in storage ever since. Originally my intention was to keep these after selling the car as I was going to buy another A5 however plans changed. They come wrapped in...
  2. SL11CKK

    Unfixing Emission Recall

    Anybody know of anyone who can flash ecu back to how it was before the emission recall. Obviously Audi won't undo it therefore I wont even bother with asking them. I've dropped an email to Darkside and they want the same money for remapping it. To be honest I don't want to remap it as I'm...
  3. SL11CKK


    Thief got caught stealing cars! Lol @ his numberplate on his Audi
  4. SL11CKK

    Whats this connector called?

    Good evening all! Just trying to figure out what this connector is called as I need this to get my RNS-E interface running again. As mentioned its found on the interface box.
  5. SL11CKK

    Police Stopped Me!

    Ok what happened was. I was on a narrow road and ahead of me Police Car. So I drive behind them and waited like a minute or so and then horned at them to let them know theres a car behind them. So now they put their red lights up. So i thought Ok, Ill overtake you. Then after 10 seconds what I...
  6. SL11CKK

    Ultimate Wiring Loom RNS-E

    I understand there was a loom that was going a while back which was the ultimate loom for the RNS-E. This had the CD Changer, Bluetooth, Multimedia, etc all built in to the loom. I know it was in the website. Does anybody have a link to this?
  7. SL11CKK

    Airbag Light

    Ok I've had the airbag light on for a while now as I thought it would be the connector on the bottom of my seats however it wasn't that. It was reporting on VCDS that its the crash sensor on the drivers B-Pillar. When I took the pillar off and the seatbelt unit out and finally got access to the...
  8. SL11CKK

    CCM for B7 Key Fob

    I've got the following CCM on my 2002 A4 B6. 8E0959433AJ Now I've bought 2 B7 keys which is specially for an A4 (8E0837220Q) I'm having issues pairing it and on doing further research found that I need a new CCM as mines a 2002. So which variant of the CCM do I need as there are literally...
  9. SL11CKK

    Removing Paddle Shift?

    Hey guys. Somebody I know has a flat bottom wheel which he is currently selling however it has the paddle shift. Is there any way I could get rid of it completely and if need be put a blank in. Why I ask is because mines a manual. Also im getting the slip ring too with it however will this be...
  10. SL11CKK

    Logging Results: PD130

    So did some logging yesterday night of my 3rd and 4th gear from approx 2000rpm, and the results are in. I logged channel 11, 03 and 10 Certain places it sort of spikes downwards, but please could you guys explain to me the results. The Actual MAF reading is higher compared to the specified...
  11. SL11CKK

    I need Service Bits

    Ive got a 1.9 tdi AWX. Please tell me how much it will be for the following: 505.01 5w40 oil Oil Filter Air Filter Fuel/Diesel Filter Carbon Activated Pollen Filter (Do not want Normal paper filter) Also please price me seperately for the following too: N/S Intercooler Air Guide O/S Rear...
  12. SL11CKK

    Replaced Thermostat

    Ive just replaced the thermostat again because its not going over 60 degrees and then going back down when driving. Now ive replaced it under warranty and bled it for good 20 minutes. What I dont understand is that its bang on 90 degrees on the cluster however if I go and touch the coolant its...
  13. SL11CKK

    Oil in Diesel Filter

    A friend of mine found a bit of engine oil in his diesel filter when he was changing it couple of days ago. He has a 1.9 BKC engine code. Not so long before that he got his car back from the dealer because of his car having too much pressure causing loss of coolant via the overflow and getting...
  14. SL11CKK

    No Brake nor Power!

    Ok, I nearly hit another car today because my Brake pedals went really hard luckily I was on high alert and pushed the brakes hard to come to a stop. At the same time I have lost all power to my car (no boost) What can cause this as it revs to the max with no problem. Car in question is a 1.9...
  15. SL11CKK

    Volkswagen Golf Mk5 CD Changer?

    Been searching and wondering if the CD changer found on the Golf GTI/R32 etc CD changer will work fine with the RNS-E on the B6. Can anybody confirm this?
  16. SL11CKK

    Facelift RS5 Parts

    I need the following bits for the new RS5 facelift: - Front Panel - Front Bumper Skin - N/S & O/S Arch Liner - N/S Sideskirt - O/S Wing - O/S Air Duct (Part number: 8T0 121 674 B) I'm PM'ing you VIN number if required How much with delivery also. PM'ing my address
  17. SL11CKK

    8E0 807 285 T - Number Plate Holder/Recess

    Hi, I need 8E0 807 285 T, should come up as a numberplate recess that sits across the grill. Whats the cheapest you can do? ;)
  18. SL11CKK

    Parts Differences?

    I was wondering if anyone can confirm if S-Line and SE front grill have the same numberplate recess and same foglight (with circle trim) I'm on the hunt for these parts and don't have ETKA to confirm.
  19. SL11CKK

    Is my cutoff line OK?

    Just a quick one folks! I just realised couple of days that my cut-off line has 2 steps. I swear it should be just the one step; right?
  20. SL11CKK

    Glove box Damper Price

    How much for the glove box damper that sits on the side of the glove box. Car is an Audi A4 B6. Regards