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    New project starts very soon

    So . I’ve swapped over tax etc to the Toyota derv wagon . So finish recaro colour change and fit them to the avant . Then the hard work starts . Full engine rebuild . With .s3 k04 on rebuild etc and then brake and suspension . So I’m going to set up camera and document all work done Sent from...
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    2.0 TFSI B7 EA113 OIL PUMP MOD

    AS the title says . has anyone done an oil pump mod by replacing with a 1.8 t pump like the bar tek kill kit . as i would like to do the mod . but at 750 euros its a bit on the pricey side ..
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    FAULT CODES.....

    FAULT CODES..... I Keep having fault codes reoccuring . putting car into a limp or reduced power mode. i have changed all the units . but has anyone had this issue with their a4 b7 2.0 bul tfsi EVAP PURGE CONTROL N80 CIRCUIT OPEN INTERMITTANT P0444 - 004 TURBO BYPASS VCC P003-004 SOLENOID FOR...
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    Im sure ive see that someone has a spare flywheel for my engine upgrade what's out there . also looking for an rs4 clutch as well ... help
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    2.0 TFSI BWJ rocker cover will it fit a Bul engine

    Would a 2.0 tfsi bwj rocker cover fit a bul engine ??? I want to paint it red for the new rebuild Or has anyone got one kicking around cheap ???
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    Looking for a b7 bul tfsi engine service manual .

    as it says in the title . im looking for a service manual for my engine refresh...Help
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    Looking for a b7 bul engine to refurb and ideas looking to get a reliable 350bhp

    Looking to do an engine rebuild on my motor . Replace flywheel clutch assembly. Do the k04 tturbo and full exhaust system . Wwhats about and whats the best parts eg pistons ring shells . And what are the best mods to do . Eg oil pu,mp etc etc help help
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    Will s4 b8 calipers fit a a4 b7 quattro 2.0 tesi

    as the title says ... will they fit . callipers and discs pads etc ??????
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    WANTED UPRATED HPFP for A4 B7 2007 2.0 220BHP TFSI

    WANTED UPRATED HPFP for A4 B7 2007 2.0 220BHP TFSI . WHERES IS THE BEST PLACE TO BUY NEW OR HAS ANYONE GOT A GOOD 2ND HAND ONE opps caps lock on sorry I'm going to be cleaning inlet valves . deck and doing a inlet flap delete . so I'm half temped to do change injectors to s3 ones I have and...
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    Hi everyone . Do anyone know where i can get a coolant silicone hose kit for my A4 B7 quattro 2.0L tfsi please as i have to replace the water thing on the back of the engine. HELP PLEASE Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    RNSE connection problems please help

    Hi everyone, How do I connect to my RNSE,Iso cons in car and am waiting for quad lock and bluetooth unit and lead as am installing it.