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  1. Pipsqueak

    Would seats from an 8V fit an 8P?

    as the title says. I've got the chance of 8V seats. The question is would they fit an 8P?
  2. Pipsqueak

    Hazard Warning Lights not working, indicators OK

    Hi looking for some help My hazard warning lights aren't working but the indicators are fine. Had a look in the owners book to see if there is a fuse for the hazard lights but there isn't one listed. The only other thing I can think of is a dud switch. Anyone have any idea what the likely cause...
  3. Pipsqueak

    ESP kicking in when going downhill

    as the title says. When driving along if I go down a dip or sudden hill in the road I can feel the power being cut slightly to the engine then back to normal after a second or 2. Anyone know what this might be? It's a commonrail 2.0 tdi dpf. Also it happens just in normal driving after a...
  4. Pipsqueak

    Overhead ambient light install

    hi Can anyone point me in the direction of the overhead ambient light install how to. I've seen it on here before but can't find it now. Just need to know which terminals to connect the spade connectors to. I've got the LEDs installed and working but the overhead lights have stopped working so...
  5. Pipsqueak

    Interior carpets

    ive just been hoovering the car and noticed my carpet doesn't sit tight on the floor. It is sort of bossed up as if it's too big. Is that normal? I've had a couple of other 8Ps and never noticed this before. The carpet isn't wet and no signs of any leaks. Any one else's carpet the same? Cheers
  6. Pipsqueak

    Buying 2008 Facelift 2.0 Tdi Sport

    Hi I'm going to look at a face lifted 2008 2.0tdi sport today. I have a 2004 2.0 tdi sport and know what to look out for on them. Is there any known problems to look out for on a facelift 2008. Any advice much appreciated
  7. Pipsqueak

    Buying a B8 1.8T Avant - anything to look out for??

    Good morning ladies and gents As the title says really, would really appreciate some advice. I'm reluctantly getting rid of my A3 2.0 TDI because I need a car with more doors and more boot space. So I'm looking at a 59 plate 1.8T Avant. I've had a few diesel A3s but never an A4 or a petrol...
  8. Pipsqueak

    Buying an A3 2.0 TDI PF 170 Quattro - any potential issues to look out for?

    Evening all. I currently have an A3 2.0 tdi sport BKD FROM 2004. This is my second one and have been pretty happy with both of them but i know about all the potential problems with a BKD engined A3 of this age. However I have a chance at getting an A3 2.0-TDI DPF 170PS Quattro on a 2008 plate...
  9. Pipsqueak

    Cheap S line bumper

    I know the folks on here like their s line bumpers
  10. Pipsqueak

    High pitched whistle. Can't figure it out

    Hoping for some help. When I go over 40mph I start to get a high pitched whistle/wind type noise. It gets louder the faster I go. I've tried getting up to speed and taking it out of gear and the whistle stays the same so I don't think it's the turbo as I assume it slows down when the revs go...
  11. Pipsqueak

    What's the difference between a 2.0 tdi sport 2004my and a 2005my

    As the title says, does anyone know what the difference is between a 2.0 tdi sport 2004my and a 2005my. I was looking up valuations on Glasses and it asked which model.
  12. Pipsqueak

    Front end conversion pre painted bonnet on ebay

    Hi, looking for advice or opinions Ive been waiting for a decent bonnet to come up on eBay to do my front end conversion but just doesn't seem to be much coming up. So I came accross this pre painted pattern part. Has anyone used these parts and are they any good. Cheers for any advice...
  13. Pipsqueak

    Cheap a line bumper?

    Seen this on eBay. Listed as an s line bumper but looks sort of s3. Anyway only £50. I know they are like hens teeth
  14. Pipsqueak

    LED sidelight bulbs

    Can anyone recommend a decent led sidelight bulb for 2004 8p? The ones I have got are useless. Cheers
  15. Pipsqueak

    Retro fit headlight washers

    Lucky me managed to come accross some cash which has finally allowed me to carry out a single grill front end upgrade. The thing is the new bumper ive bought has headlight washers built in. Currently, my car doesn't have headlight washers. Now i wasn't after fitting washers but the bumper was...
  16. Pipsqueak

    Deutschtek glasgow

    Has anyone used Deutschtek in Glasgow for servicing and other works or can anyone recommend a specialist to fit a turbo around central scotland. Need to replace my turbo. Cheers
  17. Pipsqueak

    Air Con Re-gas

    Found out today my air con is goosed. I reckon it needs re gassed. I know Kwik Fit do it but they made an **** of gassing the wife's MX5. So I phoned Glasgow Audi. They said £60 for a straight regas or £70 for a regas with air freshener in the gas. Has anyone had it done with the freshener in it...
  18. Pipsqueak

    Climate control/radiator fan

    Anyone know anything about radiator fans. I noticed today my fans were on. The car was warmed up but it wasn't hot weather or stuck in traffic. The only difference from normal was I was driving around with the climate control turned off. The reason I ask is I think it's the first time I've...
  19. Pipsqueak

    Engine Flush - Yes or No

    I run my car using the long life servicing. But I've noticed my oil is really black. It's a 2.0 Tdi and about 3 months away from its next service. The car is 7 years old and done 32000 miles. Question is my local garage have suggested an engine flush. Now I've looked about on tinternet and...
  20. Pipsqueak

    Interior and number plate LED recommendations

    As the title says. Has anyone upgraded their interior or number plate bulbs and can recommend a seller or type of bulb. I've heard of problems with Canbus errors and bulbs melting number plate bulb holders and so on. Cheers