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  1. bagey

    rear led light not working

    hi all, i upgraded my rear lights to led 09 ones last year and yesterday i got an error off the left one and now the led part isnt working . anyone got any ideas how to fix ? . when i took it apart i noticed a bit of water in the connectors , so i dryed them out with hairdryer but that hasnt...
  2. bagey

    flat bottom airbag wiring

    had a flat bottom steering wheel lying around catching dust , so decided to fit it over the weekend to find that my wiring off the mfsw airbag doesnt match the fbmfsw airbag :( . ive had a search and found off other posts that i need part number 8j0 971 589 b , so went to tps to order one and...
  3. bagey

    brakes sticking ?

    noticed it a week or so ago that when i had my windows down i could here a "hisssing" sound coming from the car as if the brakes were catching . the brakes were starting to get low anyway so had the front disc and pads changed the other day, thinking my problems were solved to find that it hasnt...
  4. bagey

    h&r 50mm lowering srings

    hi , im thinking of purchasing some lowering springs in the next few weeks , just wondering with me being in newcastle that could i pick them up instead of paying for delivery ?
  5. bagey

    greenlight insurance

    well insurance due in a couple of weeks and been looking to better my renewal quote which ive done for the last few years , to come to a brick wall this time its went up 28 quid which isnt bad really . tried loads of companys but non of them come close , 458 quid for a a3 170 tdi 07 plate with...
  6. bagey

    best place for dpf removal and remap?

    hi all , was going to get car remapped with dpf off within the next couple of weeks , been searching and searching for the right company but carnt make my mind up ? in the north east of england so im trying for as close to home as possibly with a good reputation , was going to use mas...
  7. bagey

    revo remap for 170pd engine?

    hi , was wondering if anyone had a revo map done on there 170pd engine ? , im curious because i rang pd tuning in bolden tyne and wear for remapping options and he offerd me a revo remap ? , but to my knowledge you carnt get one which i told him because of the dpf issuses , he stated that...