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  1. nky_84

    Wanted 8l s3 brake servo and MC

    As above, preferably in central Scotland or willing to post. cheers, Nick
  2. nky_84

    b8.5 s4 discs different to b8?

    Thinking of replacing the discs and pads as eurocarparts have 60% off tonight.... Discs seem to come in 2 options: Brake Disc Thickness [mm]29,5 Brake Disc TypeVented Centering Diameter [mm]68 Diameter [mm]345 Height [mm]52 Hole Arrangement / Number05/06 Minimum Thickness [mm]28 Pitch Circle...
  3. nky_84

    power tailgate error codes?

    Hi, Posted this original issue in general: :// Wondering if anyone knows if the power tailgate can drop codes when it gets into error state, ie not properly closing, impact damage or over extending of the hinges etc...
  4. nky_84

    Power tailgate error code logging?

    Hi, Anyone know if the power tailgate not closing properly (engaging the second catch) is logged anywhere or if the hinges etc are over extended? I bought the car from a main dealer and i was told at time of sale it was an electrical fault and just needed to be "reset" to fix the problem. The...
  5. nky_84

    How to identify worn S3 dmf?

    Hi guys, I experienced some clutch slip a few months back and more recently the bite in the pedal got higher and higher to the point it was almost at the top of the travel. After following one of the guides online, I've eventually managed to remove the box but unsure how to diagnose if the...
  6. nky_84

    Another S4 joining the ranks soon, maybe....

    Hi guys, Currently finalising a deal with a main dealer. Price had been all agreed but it turns out the car doesn't have Sports diff, even though they said it did and its down on the spec sheet :-(. I live in the country and have done a fair bit of sprint and hillclimb motorsport, so its an...
  7. nky_84

    much discount to be haggled for approved used?

    On my search for an B8.5 S4 Avant, ive found a good spec car around the £25k mark. Having never bought from a main dealer before and always gone private sale, im not sure how to play this. Audi seem to heavily incentivise brand new and finance deals but does anyone have much experience of...
  8. nky_84

    400+bhp, AWD, 5 doors - rs6 or s4?

    Hi Guys, Not been on the board for a while now but time has come to finally move on from the s3. My budget is approx £25k but could stretch this to 35k if I can make the man maths work. C6 RS6 the positives are obvious but concerns i have are: the running costs vs performance gains over...
  9. nky_84

    VCDS request - Edinburgh / East Lothian area

    Hi, My 2006 a4 19.TDi dog carrier went into limp mode and glow plug light flashed the other day. Would anyone close to the above areas be able to help with an error code scan? Thanks, Nick
  10. nky_84

    N75 Ticking on idle

    Hi guys, I've got a classic mini that i have just turboed and fitted an n75j. I noticed the other day that its clicking like mad when the car is on idle. Is this normal? I dont really understand why its trying to operate when its not bleeding off boost?! Cheers, Nick
  11. nky_84

    cylinder 1 misfire error and poor running

    Hi guys, I removed my injectors the other day to temporarily fit them in another car, which it turned out they werent needed. When i was removing them, some / all of the fuel rail petrol dripped into one of the cylinders (furthest left if standing in front of the car). All happened quite...
  12. nky_84

    Glovebox CD Changer?

    Hi guys, Purchased an a4 avant quattro a few months ago and after hunting round for the CD changer after seeing the 7 slots on the satnav screen i've come to the conclusion it doesnt have one. All i found was this strange thing in the glovebox. Not really sure what it is or why its...
  13. nky_84

    Timing belt and engine / gearbox mount

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if the passenger side engine / gearbox mount needs to be dropped to get access to change the timing belt? My timing belt was replaced a few months back and im wondering if the garage forgot to tighten / refit the mount properly,or its come loose by itself, or its...
  14. nky_84

    Wishbones, to replace or not to replace?!

    Hi guys, I'm led to believe that there are a few options here. Replace the alloy arms with cheapo steal jobbies, replace just the bushes (how many each side?), or the replace the entire wishbones. What do most folks go for, what are the costs involved for each, anyone tried a local motor...
  15. nky_84

    Switch prices & part numbers please

    Hi I'm after the following for a 2002 S3: Hazard swich and relay(s) replacement multi-function steering wheel buttons? dial switch and surround for lights and fogs thanks Nick
  16. nky_84

    understanding car tax nonsense?

    so, 2002 s3 225 g/KG = £210 correct? A rise of £5 but if it was 1gKG over, i'd be paying £400!? Think im off to buy an old american v8 pumping out maximum C02 juice!
  17. nky_84

    do detailing companies do paint thickness tests?

    Im looking to buy some sort of PC for the car (probably a g220?) but i dont fancy paying 400odd quid for a paint gauge gadget! Would like to check everything is ok before i go battering in. Do detailing companies provide this service, if so how much? cheers Nick
  18. nky_84

    Wheres everyone going on holiday this year??

    Been trawling the web for a decent place to go on hols this year. Have been to the Algarve the last few years as i belive its the best the med can offer. Looking for a change and i first came across Egypt. Looking into Sharm El Sheikh and that seemed pretty nice until i read up about the...
  19. nky_84

    quickest car in forza?

    was having a play in my tuned speed 12 the other day and got me thinking, is there any car in the game thats quicker? Must be, but i cant think of one off the top of my head.
  20. nky_84

    ouside temp sensor reading?

    not the end of the world, but the DIS is showing some strange outside temp readings, and occasionally wanders up an down a few degrees and the poor thing is getting confused. Anyone know where its located and if there are any quick fixes or info on buying a new sensor? cheers Nick