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  1. redspudder

    Audi's FREE MOT ? Is it a Con for them to get money off you...................

    I was very sceptical of the free MOT offer with my old B6 last year,i am of the school you dont get anything for nothing.Anyway i booked the car in 3weeks before the due date with Teesside Audi fully expecting the car to fail on all sorts as they would want extra money out of me and find loads...
  2. redspudder

    De-badging A4 B8

    Alrite Fellas I know this aint the B8 section but still not much going on over there so thought i would come back over here and ask the question. Im looking at de-batching the new motor want to remove the A4 and 2.0TDI badge from the rear of the car.The B6 i owned previous had already had this...
  3. redspudder

    Optional extras and standard kit codes

    Alright fellas Not much going on,on the B8 forum i guess not many owners on there.Anyway i seem to remember there being a thread on this forum with a link to a web site that showed what the codes for extras and kit on the car actually mean.This info is in the front of the hand book or in the...
  4. redspudder

    Bye Bye thanks fellas

    As promised pictures of the new motor better late than never but its done nowt but rain for the last 3weeks since i got the car.
  5. redspudder

    Bye Bye thanks fellas

    Yeah will post pics No plans on mods got no cash left!!!!!!
  6. redspudder

    Bye Bye thanks fellas

    Well ive finally sold the car got £7500 for her still feel the car was worth more and in a way felt like i was giving it away but in the current climate and time of year im happy with the sale and the new owner was happy to.Thanks for all your help on here over the last 18months some has been...
  7. redspudder

    Just changed my battery

    It is an S4 i paid £63 for it from a local indy specialist who i take my car to not to bad compared to other places, Halfrauds was £120 and Audi wanted £155:wtf:.I asked Audi why the battery is physically so big and they told me the batteries are that size as they should last the life of the car...
  8. redspudder

    Just changed my battery

    I changed my battery a couple of months back what a bitch to do need arms like Geoff Capes but my back out lifting the ****** thing:sob: I too bought a Bosch battery and ive had no problems with it so far
  9. redspudder

    The time has come to sell

    After many weeks of debating i have finally decided to sell the car i will be advertising it on Autotrader this week,i have had my plate changed and have recieved the log book back today.Will be sad to see her go its is my first taste of an Audi and it certainly wont be my last i would probably...
  10. redspudder

    Baby on the way

    I had the same problem a few weeks back and rang the dealer they told me if there is no switch in the glove box(which i dont have)then it would be £150 to turn it off via there diagnostic system,just put the baby in the rear of the car i cant fit the baby seat behind the drivers seat as i sit...
  11. redspudder

    Thinking of selling what's it worth?

    Alrite fellas,i posted this a few months back i am now ready to sell the car could anyone tell me the price via glass guide or a fair price to list the car at for private sale and P/X?I have looked around on parkers and a few other sites also checked out the prices on the trader and they range...
  12. redspudder

    Has anybody had their free m.o.t from Audi yet ?

    Had mine done a few weeks back passed with flying colours,must say i was wondering what the catch was but i have nothing but praise for my local dealer well done Teesside Audi :applaus:
  13. redspudder

    Yellow Brown Colour under car?

    Well i hope the saga is finally over.I found that the battery was leaking so ive had to replace it at a cost of £70,I also had to replace the battery tray as this had almost dissapeared to nothing,ive also cleaned up the area around the bulkhead and underneath the battery it was very much...
  14. redspudder

    Baby seat won't fit WTF

    The plot thickens!:keule: I've been to my local dealer and tried the seat in the rear of a B8 and it wont fit in there either (with the drivers seat in my driving position)although the saving grace could be that there is a switch in the glove box that de-activates the airbag. I then tried the...
  15. redspudder

    Baby seat won't fit WTF

    The verdict is that the solution i came up with will not last for much longer,i swapped the seats round so the baby seat was behind the passenger seat this was all good the Mrs had enough leg room with passenger seat pulled forward. I put my 3year olds seat behind the drivers seat and had to...
  16. redspudder

    Baby seat won't fit WTF

    I have been thinking of buying a B8 S-line and neraly did a few weeks back,they have isofix allround and didnt for one minute think of this seat not fitting issue,i will have to double check before i buy (if i do get 1)that the seats fit in the isofix points not sure if the leg room in the B8 is...
  17. redspudder

    Baby seat won't fit WTF

    To add to this i have just rang my local dealers and asked how much it would be to turn off the front passenger airbag £117 as it has to be done by diagnostic and if i ever sell the car and want it reversing it will be another £117,i then rang my local indy specialist that i use and they told me...
  18. redspudder

    Baby seat won't fit WTF

    My wife gave birth to our 2nd child 5weeks ago.We have a 55plate focus that has isofix all round so we have been using that car for a few weeks,i also have a daughter 3years old so have a isofix seat for her and the base for the rear facing seat all fised in the focus.i do not have isofix in the...
  19. redspudder

    Pics of 18" RS6 wheels on B6??

    Her's mine upgraded a few months back well happy with them.