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    Using mcGard wheel nuts on Audi 5 star wheels?

    Hi, I've posted this elsewhere but am struggling to find someone else who's done this. I've just picked up my new A3 and its got the classic 5 spoke star Audi alloys - the ones that are put onto some A4's as standard I believe. The question is though - I've acquired some McGard locking wheel...
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    Replacing front / rear BOSE speakers in new A3

    Any suggestions for possible speaker upgrades to the Bose system in the new A3? I'm aware the impedance is different so was wondering how limited my choice would be? Cheers
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    Replacement Bulbs in new A3

    Sorry if anyone read this post on 'the other forum' but I thought I ask anyone who has a new A3 can you please check your manual for me and tell me what kind of replacement bulbs I need for the A3 (the full beam / main dip and side lights) please! ?? If you can do it without consulting your...