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  1. w88chy

    For Sale A6/A7 C7 BiTDi Kufatec K&N Pedal Box OBDELEVEN Rubber Mats etc

    I’ve committed to buying a new BMW M340d which I collect in a week, so I’ll be removing the following from my ‘16 A7 BiTDi (everything is used but no issues and still on the car just now) £135 Kufatec Sound Booster (came in ziplock bag) £80 TDI Tuning Pedal Box (boxed) £35 K&N Panel Filter...
  2. w88chy

    Hello from Airdrie, near Glasgow

    Hello Audi people... I’m Charlie, I had to join seeing as I have just defected from that “other” German marque with 3 letter and just bought a MY2016 A7 which I collect on Monday! It’s a right old drive to get it (here in Scotland to just beyond the Dartford crossing) so I hope it’s worth it...