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  1. Ginge247

    Sold Audi Rs4 style wheels

    A set of 4 19" alloy wheels and tyres. These wheels are called MAM A5 which are a German Tuv certified manufacturer, not the cheap Chinese stuff seen on ebay! I purchased these brand new 18 months ago and had them professionally refinished 2 months ago in a stealth copper finish with a matt...
  2. Ginge247

    For Sale Tdi tuning

    I've got a tdi tuning module with Bluetooth for sale. I've had it nearly just over a year and it's still in very good condition. It fits the A4 b9 3.0 tdi 272 engine but can be reprogrammed for any vehicle (see tdi tuning website). I'm in the UK, County Durham. £150 plus postage. Please message...
  3. Ginge247

    Facelift 3.0 tdi 272 brake disc

    Can anyone confirm the size of the front brake discs on the 3.0 tdi 272? It's coming up with 314mm which seems small! I haven't had a chance to get the wheel off and measure yet. Sent from my JSN-L21 using Tapatalk
  4. Ginge247

    Facelift A4 avant 272 wheel upgrade

    Hi all. I've just px'd my b8 S4 for a 2016 3.0 tdi 272 avant, need the extra space now my little one is here. I know this subject has been covered to death in various forms but the car has the standard 18" s line wheels and really doesn't set the car off for me. I'm looking to upgrade to 19s, I...
  5. Ginge247

    Upgraded to pulley tune

    Went in for the forge pulley and tune today, previously had just a remap. Car is a lot more responsive and pulls much better at the top. All the work and tune was completed at Richard Martin Automotive Solutions. Sent from my JSN-L21 using Tapatalk
  6. Ginge247

    S4 Timing chains

    Finally got my car back. All chains, tensioners changed and now it's rattle free. Thanks to for carrying out the work. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  7. Ginge247

    Rear brakes

    Well I took advantage of the gsf car parts discount code over the weekend and replaced the rear discs and pads today, I was shocked at the condition of the old discs! I had no terrible noises either. Sent from my PRA-LX1 using Tapatalk
  8. Ginge247

    Pcv help

    Anyone with a pre 2012 s4 updated their pcv with part number 06E103547AC and not had the software update? I just want to make sure the car will run ok. Thanks Sent from my PRA-LX1 using Tapatalk
  9. Ginge247

    Vogtland springs

    Fought against the hail and rain today and fitted some vogtland 30mm springs with new Billy B4s as my originals were starting to leak. I'll get some pics on once they have settled but they ride spot, similar to factory just a much tighter feel and better turn in
  10. Ginge247

    The wheelspecialist

    Had my wheels done on Friday from the wheel specialist at Durham in their chrome black. Would definitely recommend them.
  11. Ginge247

    Different oil

    just changed to this today Anyone tried it?
  12. Ginge247

    354hp out the box

    Finally had stage 1 done and I'm pleased with the results. Car made good power standard. And a little vid
  13. Ginge247

    Bonnet cable

    The bonnet cable has snapped, it's still connected to the handle in the car but it does nothing, any ideas how I can get the bonnet open? It's a 2010 Cheers
  14. Ginge247

    Crank pulley change

    Well I braved the -10 temps (wind chill) and changed the crank pulley, water pump, both belts and both idlers. Hardest part was trying to get the front bumper on properly!
  15. Ginge247

    S4 home made intake

    Decided to make my own intake and heat shield, it's not quite finished as I need to wrap the heat shield and Pipe work in cool tape but nearly there. Cost around £100 for all the bits so not too bad.
  16. Ginge247

    Help please

    Trying to enjoy my new exhaust system on the way home when I noticed something wasn't right. The car had no power after about 3k rpm and struggled to rev up. Got home and plugged in my foxwell handheld and got this code below. No eml light on and the code clears but comes straight back on. Any...
  17. Ginge247

    Custom exhaust

    Just had a custom cat back made with the resonated magnaflow X pipe incorporated. Sounds the nuts
  18. Ginge247

    S4 hydro carbon clean

    I've seen many decent reviews on the engine carbon clean using hydrogen in the intake. I know cuppa who has an s5 v8 is doing it and has proven some good results, but has anyone had it done on their v6 s4? Cheers
  19. Ginge247

    S4 advice

    Hi, I'm looking at px my A5 for a late 59 plate s4 with 70k on it. It's had 1 owner and got full history. I'm quite handy with cars so wear and tear stuff doesn't really bother me but I would like to know if there are any major things I should be aware of? It's a manual btw. Thanks all
  20. Ginge247

    Capa 3.0tdi crank pulley failure

    Anyone changing the aux v belt, I would recommend changing the crank pulley as well. I changed the water pump, and tensioner with the belt but not the crank pulley and it has now failed. I see this used to be an issue on the earlier engines.