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  1. RMJ891

    Selling my S1

    Hi all I am looking to sell my Audi S1 Sportback, and thought this could be a good place to mention it before putting it on the likes of AutoTrader. It is a '15 plate, registered on 10 April 2015, in glacier white with contrast black roofline. In addition to the standard kit, its optional...
  2. RMJ891

    RS3 Saloon Unveiled

    I wish Audi wouldn't unveil their cars so far off from when they're available... it means a car bore like me will spend ages reading reviews and watching YouTube videos about them so that, by the time you can actually sit in one, they're old news. Like the TT-RS, announced ages ago but not yet...
  3. RMJ891

    When is Dynamic Mode not Dynamic?

    p.s. I also prefer the steering in Auto - feels a bit sticky and artificial in Dynamic for me (not heavy in a good, natural way) - I only use Dynamic now when I want to hear the engine a bit more, like on a nice B road.
  4. RMJ891

    When is Dynamic Mode not Dynamic?

    The few times I've ever used 'Efficiency' mode, I end up using more petrol - don't like that the throttle effectively goes to only 80%. If you want more MPG, you're best sticking it in Auto and driving carefully! Can happily get 35-40mpg indicated on a drive even through London now (with 7,000...
  5. RMJ891

    New S1 owner!!

    I will be very excited if I am wrong and you are right, but when I bought my car I was told that tethering does not work with iPhones (as a result of Apple keeping the gate shut for their CarPlay system). So I have bought a SIM from EE and just pay a tenner to get a month's worth of data (1GB is...
  6. RMJ891

    Sat Nav - Traffic

    I'll have to check that out - yeah the radio traffic is terrible, is it just done on old people phoning in to report things being a "a bit slow-going"?! I just find some of the route options weird, too. Mine is done so that it gives three route options, and the other day I needed to drive...
  7. RMJ891

    Sat Nav - Traffic

    Would love to be having your experience on it - but just don't seem to be at the moment!
  8. RMJ891

    Sat Nav - Traffic

    What is TMC? I have a sim in the dash, and do the dynamic traffic avoidance... yesterday for instance it went crazy when I drove down a road that was built a year ago, and then tried to route me straight through the middle of London when Google Maps on my phone said that would take twice as...
  9. RMJ891

    Sat Nav - Traffic

    Hi there - does anyone else find that the 'live traffic' through data in the tech pack is absolutely terrible? In the mobile phone era I find it crazy that you have to take it to a dealer to update, but it always thinks there's traffic where there is none, diverts randomly into traffic and tries...
  10. RMJ891

    Tts alloys

    My thinking is normally "the bigger the better" with wheels, but I really like the standard 19s (they're the same as the 18s on my S1), and so I figure that £850 could be put to better use elsewhere. Normally, if the bigger ones are much nicer then I'll pay any amount (as I think the wheels make...
  11. RMJ891

    TT RS 2016

    Just the slightly higher base price and bhp last time round. Don't mean to say it's objectively 'better'.
  12. RMJ891

    TT RS 2016

    I believe they both started with 335bhp, but then the TT got approx 15 more...
  13. RMJ891

    TT RS 2016

    Yes, but those are different cars. The Audi TT-RS is positioned with, but slightly above, the RS3. They share the same engine, just as they did with the last generation. The present 5 pot is the improvement in terms of emissions for both the RS3 and TT-RS. I would absolutely guarantee it!
  14. RMJ891

    TT RS 2016

    I'd say it's a dead cert to have the same engine as the RS3 (i.e. 5-cylinder 2.5l), but with slight mods to the ECU / turbo to take it up 10-15bhp. Would be seriously surprised if it was a 2.0, as that'd be completely out of line with their historical approach.
  15. RMJ891

    BMW M235i on order, test drove an RS3

    I saw an M2 on the streets of Munich this weekend. I genuinely am impartial with this (as neither a current or future M2 or RS3 owner) but I turned to see it because of the sound it made, and then I did think it had very good road presence. It looked good, I think - very low and wide, sort of...
  16. RMJ891

    S1 Spotters thread

    Awesome - love it!! I always think I've seen one and then it's an S-line A1, so was unressonably excited about this... My girlfriend doesn't really get it!!
  17. RMJ891

    Windscreen Wipers Jumping

    'Fraid not, though I do hear that (curious as it may sound) vinegar on the blades can provide a good fix...
  18. RMJ891

    2015 / 2016 AUDI RS3 Sportback (8V) ' Test Drive & Review - TheGetawayer

    How is a video controversial? It's about the RS3, so it can legitimately be posted here. Just because someone doesn't like it doesn't mean it's controversial. People on here can be unbelievable sometimes - you're allowed to like your car, but guess what? Others are allowed to disagree. It's a...
  19. RMJ891

    Cleaning tips to tide me over

    Thanks! I'll take a look at that, but it'd have to be at the garage... since my car is down 16 floors and a 4-5 minute walk away, not even buckets are an option!!
  20. RMJ891

    Cleaning tips to tide me over

    I have a (mainly) white S1, and this time of year is obviously not good for keeping it looking clean! I generally park in an underground car park as I live in a flat. It gets dusty here, but I can't do a proper clean as there are no taps nearby. To keep me going during the summer I use the...