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  1. s3gazz

    S3daves car project about to begin

    Hi all been a Wile for me here. so I may or may not be becoming the owner of s3daves car and come back into the S3 8l Seen, most of u know S3dave that sadly passed a few year ago (god bless) his car is been built back up will be ready in 2 week.just to be mapped then if all goes well. That...
  2. s3gazz

    The time as come im selling guys

    hi everyone a lot know me and a lot don't but the time as come for me to sell iv just got my own plc with the fiancée and hv a baby on the way due in 3 month so need a family car now, drop the tools and the modding for nappies and toys haha. wanted to say thank u for all your help guys over the...
  3. s3gazz

    new engine build problem any advice plz

    hi guys. iv just finished my engine build changed a v3 mani to a pro4 and had new genuine hot side put on my k418t as it was China hotside before also been port matched to the pro4... running with n75 unplugged it only boosts to 9 psi when I plug n75 in it over boosts and goes into limp mode...
  4. s3gazz

    cylinder 1 no compression

    hi guys it's been a while since iv posted here 2 year almost since my last engine build. yesterday I was driving my car and up came 2 faults so I switched to misfire on liquid gauge and here it is constant misfire running on 2 cylinder drove home was running lumpy as hell engine Managment...
  5. s3gazz

    some logs of my car

    hi guys so iv been having a problem with my car, under boosting was down by 6 psi across all maps the other day. so I change maf sensor and boost went up by 2 psi to 18psi now I'm still short 3 psi. but done some logs and as I can tell in down by 70 bhp to want it was mapped to and then tested...
  6. s3gazz

    Tire question

    Been looking for some new tires and are torn between eagle f1 asymmetric 2 or vredestein ultrac sessanta. Also I use as a daily and really don't know if I should get soft, M , XL what's the difference thx
  7. s3gazz

    few upgrading part questions

    hi guys been a wile hope u all ok. 1) so I'd love to know if any one has a how to do( fit an inline fuel pump) also wiring. I hv the Bosch 044 in plc at the min but need wiring up properly as it was just hucked to my standered pump wiring before and making a loud noise wich I think is because...
  8. s3gazz

    Car dropped off for mapping :)

    Well it begins dropped car off for mapping with rich at unicorn at 2pm carnt wait for some news already. Let see what she can do been a lot time coming. Thanks rich
  9. s3gazz

    Car in for mapping on Saturday

    Been a long time coming but the car is going in for mapping Saturday carnt wait 3 years latter ha. The question is what will it make hoping for over 320 bhp owt else is amazing as I've never had anywhere near that before 282 bhp is the most it's been. spec below BBT turbo spec Compressor is a...
  10. s3gazz

    Car getting mapped in 3 week

    Finally the car is getting mapped I'm taking it to rick at unicore let's see what the thing can give at last
  11. s3gazz

    Custom making map sensor pipe

    Was wondering guys if it would make any difference making a map sensor pipe. For some reason I've just only noticed I've got 63mm pipe from turbo to end of charge pipe then drops to 53mm back into 63mm to 76mm inter cooler and out to 63mm again up to map sensor pipe which is 53 mm and 53mm...
  12. s3gazz

    Best place for EGT sensor AMK

    Hi guys I've had a bad air leak exhaust gas leak give it some the other day and came up with some weird fault I've decided to look for another just to see if it the sensor that's not right. Engine Managment light also come up. do I get a brand new one or a second hand one be ok just need it for...
  13. s3gazz

    First start and faults advise

    Hi guys well started the car today after my second engine build. problems I'm left with 3 faults 17956 17795 17748 Followed by Exhurst rattle wish is an easy fix. so went for a spin after it got up to temp 90 degree boost gauge reads -12 but checked all pipe and there's no leaks after 15...
  14. s3gazz

    Stem seals have gone

    Well done 1000 mile and what seems to be stem seals are poor. After a run or put ya foot down run I park up on tick over and clouds of smoke covers the road great white smoke tint of blue then set off and it goes only to come back another time. Head off and have to get it re done by someone...
  15. s3gazz

    Water puddle in the foot well back and front drivers side help

    Hi guys just wondered who has had this problem before and how u fixed it also what could it be only when It rains. I've not changed or don't owt to the out Side so why has it just started last few month passenger side dry as hell thanks
  16. s3gazz

    anyone tell me whats wrong with this fuel log

    Sorry n75 unplugged iv done just over 500miles bill asked for them tuffty so posted up for him to see. Running lean is my issue as iv just fit an inline fuel pump for mapping if running lean as do I map now or wait Thanks in Advance....
  17. s3gazz

    car seems to be missing

    hi guys well just the one problem after my engine build by me that has never done a think like it before and is very chufed with my self also with held and advice from badger 5 and andrew cheers guys. well when i put my foot down the car seems to miss or spin when turbo kicks in with n75...
  18. s3gazz

    finaly car finished wooow

    just want to say car done and what a difference the v3 rellentless mani, largeport agu head ported and polished make god. sound is amazing breaths so much more and pulls alot more even with n75 unplugged and it pulls more now than what it did before i took it off road at only 12 psi not 22psi...
  19. s3gazz

    just a quicky people

    can anyone recomend doin owt else before i torque the head up thanks. new water pump on damper, tenstioner, pistons in rods torqed up new oil pump an and pick up pipe sump on. water lines oil lines turbo and mani all bolted on to head.
  20. s3gazz

    Porsche 996 turbo/ 997 calipers for s3

    Hi guys just a quicky do the above calipers fronts fit the s3 with adapters if so what are the best discs and pads to use with them thanks. also The metal bits in the middle hat hold the pads in where is best to get them from cheap and are they any better than the LCR brembos I no there a lot bigger