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  1. RYuill

    Time for a change

    So, as some of you may be aware, I had an RS3 on order but due to state of the oil industry I have had to cancel my order. I still love the S3 however I fancy a change, so yesterday I put down a deposit to secure a build slot for the new VW Golf GTI Edition 40 (Clubsport). It should be...
  2. RYuill

    Change of plans

    So, due to some bad news at work yesterday I will no longer be taking delivery of the RS3. I still have my job which is good but days offshore will be minimal. So anyone looking for a Cat red RS3 with excellent spec there is one available in Dundee. If anyone wants more info send me a PM. I...
  3. RYuill

    She has arrived

    Went and had a look and OMG. She was filthy though. There was a glute Orange there as well.
  4. RYuill

    VIN Number

    Is there a way to find your VIN number before the car arrives? I could ask the dealer tomorrow, however I'm sitting bored and want to set up My Audi. Cheers
  5. RYuill

    BW 48

    Anyone else BW48? My car went to Panel shop on the 19th, paint shop on the 20th, assembly on the 21st and today is in QC. Hoping for an early crimbo delivery but after speaking to my dealer he thinks January, which is a shame as I'm offshore until the 27th. Fingers crossed. [emoji3]
  6. RYuill

    Catalunya Red question

    Has anyone picked up there car in this colour yet? If so what was your first impressions of it? I have ordered Catalunya Red, however, I have never actually seen it in the flesh, only in photos. I'm aware that it can look quite orange at times, which I actually like. I'm just wondering under...
  7. RYuill

    Golf R vs RS3

    Beat again on the track.
  8. RYuill

    New RS4 Saloon

    For anyone waiting on the RS3 Saloon, this might be of interest. I always loved the old RS4 saloon, this will be mega
  9. RYuill

    First thoughts?

    Just thought I would start a thread to capture everyone's first thoughts after a test drive, or after collecting your new car. These can be good or bad everyone has their own opinion. Today I took out the demonstrator from Dundee Audi (first to drive it, sales man took it off the showroom floor...
  10. RYuill

    Fault code with new DTUK FSR files

    Today I thought I would go and do a bit more playing with VCDS. Before doing anything I performed a full scan which threw up a fault code. 15343 - Boost Pressure Regulation P0299 00 [096] - Control Range Not Reached Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame...
  11. RYuill

    Imola Yellow saloon

    Saw this today. For sale in Dundee audi. Not sure what I think about it, some pictures it looks nice but in others it looks very dull.
  12. RYuill

    Audi Configurator for RS3?

    Does anyone know when the RS3 will be on the configurator? I'm sure I read somewhere the 2nd of March. I see its on carwow, there's just no spec to chose from yet.
  13. RYuill

    New File released for DTUK FSR Tuning Box

    So after I had a day at Crail Raceway last week and posted some videos and times, Andrew from DTUK got intouch with myself and asked if i would like to try out new files available for the FSR tuning box. I sent my box back to him on Monday and recieved it back with the new files on Wednesday...
  14. RYuill

    Todays Fun

    Just thought I would share some vids/photos from today at Crail raceway.
  15. RYuill

    Exhaust Blips or Lack of.

    Has anyone else noticed that the exhaust farts are pretty much non existent between 4-5k revs? between 3-4krevs = small fart 5k revs and above = loud fart between 4-5krevs = zero Cheers
  16. RYuill

    VCDS for 2014 SQ5

    Has anyone got a list of VCDS mods and the coding for a 2014 SQ5. I have done a lot on my S3 8v but I don't think the coding will be the same. Thanks
  17. RYuill

    Bad parking

    And they say audi drivers are bad.
  18. RYuill

    DTUK Tuning box jumper settings

    Just wondering what Jumper settings other people were using? I recieved my box yesterday, and tried it with 2 +2 (this is how it came) and definetly felt the difference over 3000rpm. Today i tried 3 +3 :rockwoot: again the difference was really only over 3000rpm, but felt a bit nippier. Came...
  19. RYuill

    Something hanging from under the car???

    Anyone know what this could be hanging down. It happened a few days back but my wife just pushed it back up. then again today. Im not at home justnow to look at it.
  20. RYuill

    AC activating stop/start

    I was sitting stationary the other day with the car running waiting on my wife coming out of the shop, As you do, I was sitting playing with all the buttons to see if I could find anything new and when I pushed the AC buton to swith it off the car cut out as it does with stop/start. If I switch...