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    NEW Sachs clutch is slipping!

    On my s3 with clutch slip I dumped the restrictor and replaced it with the cnc one from awesome which is full bore and it hasnt slipped once since but my slip was never as bad as yours. I assume by restrictor you mean the bleed T between the slave and hose. Once i took the T off its clear that...
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    S3 8P Shark Stage 2 Review.

    Sounds like Shark know how to map an engine for progressive delivery and wish I had gone there but didnt call me back bla bla. I have a bluefin and asked them to turn down the smash in the back as the turbo diesel delivery is positively not my cup of tea, its much better now not least for the...
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    New clutch needed after slipping

    Awesome - ECS 6-Speed Clutch Bleeder Block - Mk5 etc There you go. Pretty easy to fit just need to bleed the clutch after. Search you tube for a diy
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    New clutch needed after slipping

    I had the same and have since removed the clutch flow restrictor and fitted the EKS ? unrestricted one supplied by Awesome. My theory is that this acts like dragging the clutch even though you dont realise it ie the torque ramps up while the cover plate is still clamping and is worse when cold...
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    Audi AO tyres whats the difference?

    Conti 5 mo laughs at conti 2 ao. Really in a different league.
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    Tesco99 or VPower in a 1.4tfsi?

    Just so you realise thats not the BP stuff you get at the pump, the pump stuff is not much cop at all. To answer the original poster I would recommend Shell 95 for your requirement as it has a good adds package. I have said in another thread im in the business. Tesco and Morrison is also good...
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    Clutch going perhaps?

    Just had the remap stg1 turned down in the lower rev region due to clutch slip at 18k miles, 1k post chip ! Same symptoms ie slip in 5th at low revs. Too early to see if i have nipped it in the bud. I really dont want smf with paddle and the Sachs reviews are indifferent. I have a suspicion that...
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    EVO Tyre tests

    The conti 5 mo is even better than the 3. Interestingly I had old conti 2 (not bald) mixed with new conti 3 and the difference is the biggest I have ever experienced in 35 yrs of tyres the 2 was absolute junk but could be old age ? the conti 5 mo is staggeringly good. I have tried the goodyear...
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    S3 8P new wheels fitted.......Opinions?

    Another for the originals
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    Steering wheel vibration

    Rebalance x3
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    2000 miles in..

    I fitted one about 3 weeks ago and it did the business mainly in the mid range. I also got instant response back so it must be automated as said above.
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    Lightweight racing batteries: Good for handling or just a load of hassle?

    I used them in my race cars but wouldnt touch them for a road car. They are easy to break (electrical sense) struggle with all the electric gismos and pretty expensive. Looked after they can be made to last ok. Better things to waste money on.
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    Thinking of selling up :(

    Way back when I had s3 8l then I tried rs6+ real disappointment with crumy auto box and handling like a bus although fast in a straight line. Next was elise honda s/c 310 bhp very fast but no pleasure off a track at all. Next tried rs4 avant but again slightly stodgy handling and light weight...
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    BP Ultimate or Shell V-Power?

    It is a very small benefit if at all and certainly not worth paying extra so yes I would avoid
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    BP Ultimate or Shell V-Power?

    Ok. I work very closely with this and know much of what goes into all the fuel from major retailers in the uk and can tell you the following. V power is the best fuel you can buy as its 99 ron and has enhanced additives, tesco would be the very next best imo especially if its cheaper. BP is poor...
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    s3 3P remap with ITG Maxogen intake

    Ok I get it now and usefull pics thanks. Has the OEM FP got pre and post cats ? Im not interested in noise ,quite the opposite in fact (another old fart) or looks just power and tbh was thinking of gutting the primary and fitting a 200 cell in the secondary location (or maybe leave in place the...
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    s3 3P remap with ITG Maxogen intake

    Looks like you have read the book so I will have to defer. Im guessing the BF stage 2 would be more in line with Revo stg 1 despite supposedly requiring a 200 cell cat and new panel filter ( which wont make any difference ) Have you run BF stg 2 and do you think I could run it stock exhaust ...
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    s3 3P remap with ITG Maxogen intake

    I have just bluefin my p2 s3 and Im very satisfied with it and at the moment its available £365 delivered from DT,s also come sale time the handset has some value on fleebay it seems. It does what I expected ie beefed up the midrange and added a little to the top end, based on butt dyno Im sure...
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    Front 8mm spacers not safe??

    Actually you dont mean stretch but yield when you say permanent deformation to weaken them. A stretched bolt ie upto 90% yield (not weakened) is in fact less likely to suffer failure than one that isnt stretched and gives a far better joint hence why they are used on cylinder heads and conrods...
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    Front 8mm spacers not safe??

    Ok mech eng speaking here. The loads from wheel to hub are transmitted through friction and the bolts are designed to be only in tension so for this reason the spigot is is designed purely for centreing the wheel. If the bolts were in single shear this would be a poor joint design and result in...