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  1. RS4B5

    House burglary with attempted car theft

    its infecting the whole country right now midlands down south up north
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    Best snowfoam and pressure washer?

    if you go on the karcher website refurbed k2 under £100 with an option of extended warranty i use pro kleen snow foam does the job but there is better on the market will try valet pro once ive used 10 litres for £20 or 15 for £25
  3. RS4B5

    2.0TDI BRD to 3.0TDI ASB Swap?

    id imagine youd need the drive shafts and a manual box from a 3.0
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    Matt’s Defender Build Thread.

  5. RS4B5

    Matt’s Defender Build Thread.

    gotta love a defender love the colour and the halo lights want to engine swap one in the future cummins,om606,or ls9:smilingimp: only a ls3 imagine a ls9 supercharged
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    2.0TDI BRD to 3.0TDI ASB Swap?

    keep the 2.0 mine had 240k on it lol there shouldnt be too much for the engine swap engine,gearbox,mounts,ecu diff?, i dont think you will need coding
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    Audi 2.0tdi turbo

    look into the oil pump and getting the modified version what is your engine code? if the egr was clogged it might have clogged the vains in the turbo but if it was the oil pump that starved the turbo wouldnt your engine have oil starvation how is it running now
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    Audi 2.0tdi turbo

    i owned a 2.0 tdi pd140 bre sold it on 240k it had a overboost code the vanes in the turbo where clogged changed turbo it was fine the oil pump shaft is a well known problem mine was fine no history of it being change neither did i
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    Audi 2.0tdi turbo

    any codes
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    2019 S3 Exhaust Note Change

    there are some people taking them out gpf opf whatever you want to call them i have not seen any one take them out in a vag car yet most of them are mercs wrench studio did one on a c43 which sounded amazing after a few on the 4.0 biturbo m177 deutsch tech did a glc63
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    Best holiday destination and why?

    stuttgart because AUDI
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    M140i vs S4

    the b58 low down grunt is amazing improved over the n55 the b58 reacts very well to a simple tuning box jb4
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    nice colour did you get the car from west yorks im sure ive seen it before
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    3.0tdi Quattro with 2.0tdi back box

    Just go for a custom y piped mufflerecotmy
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    Q7 Rough Idle?

    Have you had it scanned
  16. RS4B5

    Q7 Rough Idle?

    Does the needle move on idle
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    For Sale 2006 Audi S8

    Seen this on eBay if I didn't have a d4 I would love this