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  1. JamS3

    Definitive List Of Car Care Products Needed!

    Cheers Just to clarify this is to go ontop of the Royale as and when I fancy giving it a coat of wax to improve the shine? This is what I'm after really a good wax to compliment the Royale every month or so to keep ontop of the car.
  2. JamS3

    Definitive List Of Car Care Products Needed!

    Cheers Rich I'm getting a coat of Zymol Royale done on Fri by a friend that is just setting up his business, will either of the two you have described above be ok to go ontop of this say in 3 months time when I want to deatil again?
  3. JamS3

    Definitive List Of Car Care Products Needed!

    Rich Any chance of doing a guide like above for my new Audi S3 in Sprint Blue please? Thanks Jamie
  4. JamS3

    Polished Bliss: Black Renault Megane R26

    Always like looking at these details, excellent work!! 8 month waiting list!
  5. JamS3

    Any specailists in the North East?

    James PM me with your number and I'll let you know a excellent one. Ex Audi tech and worked on my S3 loads. Very good prices too. In Stockton but only 25mins from you and worth the travel down.
  6. JamS3


    Only place off the top of my head is a place I think called Handies Car Wash next to Teeside motor factors in Middlesbrough, just near to the train station. Just what I could think of immediately!
  7. JamS3


    Matt116 thats exactly my problem at the minute with my new one! It's either on the plastic trim on seeped into the leather interior..I cleaned the leather with warm water and a cloth then used autoglym leather care cream but the smell is still there! Help
  8. JamS3

    Speed camera detectors

    Don't forget you can update the POI's yourself on the TomTom software if you spot a camera thats not listed! Only takes about 10secs..
  9. JamS3

    Insureance for new dv

    a new dv will not increase your bhp
  10. JamS3

    Decalring mods

    hows about 50bhp!!!
  11. JamS3

    Should I be fined?

    I don't think you will have much luck mate as mentioned before you should wait at the white line even on green if the road is busy ahead. Plus cameras will not go off if you just cross the white line as they change to red as everyone would get done. It is allowed to cross on amber to red if it...