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  1. Robopilingui

    Facelift Quattro Side Sticker

    Guys, just saw a white RS3 pre-FL with black quattro side stickers. I was a little bit unsure about it but I think is is growimg on me. Does anyone has any image of a red Saloon with black stickers on it? I couldn’t find it anywhere... Thanks!
  2. Robopilingui

    Saloon Panoramic glass sunroof weight

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what is the penalty in weight for a car with a Pano roof? I cannot find any answer about that. I don't want to track the car but it is good to know how much weight it adds to the car. Thanks!
  3. Robopilingui

    Facelift Fuel RON doubts

    I have searched in the forum for this question and I couldn't find anything so here it goes. In the Spanish brochure it is said that the car must be filled with Super Plus petrol which is the 98 RON petrol. My question is: if no 98 RON is available, can it be filled with 95 RON? What can happen...
  4. Robopilingui

    Facelift Driver's size and the Saloon

    Hi guys! I have ordered an RS3 Saloon with the panoramic roof and the Supersport seats. I am about 1.89 meters (6 ft 2.4 in) tall. Will I fit comfortably in the car? I sat in a Sportback (which interior is a little bit higher) that had the supersport seats but not the pano roof and it was okay...
  5. Robopilingui

    Facelift Some doubts before ordering the car

    Hi all, I have been reading you for some time (what a great forum!), but now it is my time to start a threat trying to resolve some of my doubts. I currently own a BMW M135i and I was thinking on upgrading it to an M2 which, for sure, is a great car. The thing is that I think I want to "waste"...
  6. Robopilingui

    Future RS3 Sedan owner

    Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am 29, from Barcelona and I will put a deposit for an RS3 shortly. Hope this forum helps making the wait a little bit easier. Best regards!