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    Air con and cooling fan????

    Hi everybody, was just wondering if anyone knows anything about fan/air conditioning because what it is last week Ive noticed my fan is staying on when the car is switched off but obviously it will if it has reached it hottest point but my car seems to be doing it from cold first thing say i get...
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    Audi a3 boot badge 0000

    Hi everyone, im just wondering if there are pins behind the four circle badge that it located on the rear of the boot because i would like to remove mine without having to fill any holes where the badge has been Thank You
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    Tyres size????

    Hi everyone, im thinking of changing my tyres soon because they are getting a bit low now also my girlfriend is constant curbing them due to them being stretched on 19" wheels the tyres are 215/35/19" but im thinking of going to 235/35/19" does anyone know if they will rub at all. The car has...
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    Splitter/recirculating dump valve

    Hi just wondering does anyone have a splitter or a fully recirculating dump valve for sale thanks everyone:thumbsup:
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    Dump Valve whoooosh

    Hi everyone, just wondering if you can put a dump valve on a audi s3 2001 that makes a dump whoooosh noise because ive just bought a brand new one and it brings a n valve fault, on my old vw golf 1.8t it was straight forward without any hassle thanks for you advice :)
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    More bhp!!!

    Hi everyone I'm thinking of going for a remap this week to a company called more-bhp but was a bit puzzled about the actual bhp figures, on ebay it says it goes from 210bhp to 260bhp but on the actual site it says 210bhp to 240bhp Thank You
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    Standard boost pressure

    Hi everyone ive just fitted a turbo boost gauge to my audi s3 210bhp that's on a 2001 (Y) and was wondering what psi it should be boosting on Thank You.
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    Long swooping or short compressor cover!!

    Hi everyone, ive just bought a audi s3 215bhp (facelift) 2001 that's on a Y plate a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if my car has the long or short swooping compressor cover due to I'm thinking of changing my actuator :shrug: Thank You.
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    Lack of power

    Hi everyone I'm new and glad to join your website, I've just bought a audi s3 2001 (Y) and noticed the car is very underpowered it feels like i have no turbo power at all I've tried disconnecting the maf sensor and it seems to be the same??? also it seems to be very heavy on petrol im getting...