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  1. b6paulf

    1996 Audi Coupe 2.6

    Hello! In January i bought myself my first Audi, and my first " old car ". It is a 1996 reg, 2.6 V6 front wheel drive model with 180,000 miles and counting. I bought the car from Yorkshire and i live near Derby so was a good drive back home for a new car and it did it without fault, and...
  2. b6paulf

    My first Audi, N-Reg Audi Coupe!

    Hello! My names Paul & i've recently bought my first Audi. I've always wanted a car with a V6 and my second car has to be cheaper and interesting/cool. So i found an Audi Coupe 2.6 V6 in Yorkshire. Went to view and came away with it the same day. It's got 180,000 miles on it and is by far the...