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  1. WOLF

    Can i ?

    :cold: That's a good question especially with these frosty mornings.
  2. WOLF

    wheel refurb help.. advice needed

    Cant really see much on the pic but you've got a nice flat edge to guide you,file carefully the use wet n dry to finish it in different grades.If its not too deep maybe wet n dry will sort.You could always put a bit of filler in the rash if you don't fancy filing it.
  3. WOLF

    wheel refurb help.. advice needed

    Pictures would be a help of the rash mate,depends how deep or bad it is.If its deep I'd file it first then sand it.
  4. WOLF

    Saloon Or Avant, Which Is The Better Looking ....and I'm Biased Anyway.

    The saloon has a better front end but the avant has a better back end:uk: Avant for me:thumbs up:
  5. WOLF

    Not My Week!

    First get your battery checked mate,process of ilimination.
  6. WOLF

    Anyone Use Tps???

    Ive called scun Thorpe branch a few times for prices but never actually bought anything.Happy to deal with members of the public 01724 747210
  7. WOLF

    Car Sailed It's Mot @ 237,000kms

    Always good when they sail through the test without issues.......:) The feel good factor is all yours mate:thumbs up:
  8. WOLF

    Uk Car Lucky Buggers!

  9. WOLF

    Don't Buy Anything From This Guy!!

    Always a last resort to name and shame but you are justified here! Lucky you can sort it but imagine someone who doesnt have your skills to put it right who had just shelled out nearly 300 quid:confused: A pity this kind of thing happens on a community when we all have a great interest in the...
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    My new (to me) B7 Avant

    :D:D.....the joys of air:)
  11. WOLF

    My new (to me) B7 Avant

    That must scrape like a dogs @rse with worms......very low!
  12. WOLF

    Number plate screws

    ah ok:laugh: just keep turning till they snap off,or pull them see is the pop out then replace
  13. WOLF

    Number plate screws

    They are number plate screws,they tighten up into the holes audi fix into the bodywork.
  14. WOLF

    dechromed headlights

    Great work mate,looks much better.:yes:
  15. WOLF

    at it again, which wheels dm,s or lm,s

    I'll swap my BBS LM's for your 3sdms if you want:whistle2: Classifieds: wheel swap,bbs lm's
  16. WOLF

    Tyre safety advice wanted..Is this safe?

    Thats the worst defect on a tyre ive ever seen:noway:,glad you got it all sorted mate:icon_thumright:
  17. WOLF

    Odd marks on bodywork - what is this??

    Looks like something on the paint under the laquer to me but what ive no idea.Certainly get it back to them but dont mention you tried to sort it yourself,,they may attempt to blame you.........good luck and let us know how you get on.
  18. WOLF

    A4 Cabriolet Hood Keeps Opening Up On Its Own - Help Please!?

    Wierd.............. hope you get it sorted soon with the weather forecast for this week.
  19. WOLF

    blacked window trim

    Very Bad ***.............Love it!!:salute: