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  1. JamS3


    Just to add to this when the BOSE wire is moved when fitting the RNS-E does the nav unit need to be coded for BOSE also? Heard it did but not sure...
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    RNS-E and I Tunes

    Quick question for those in the know, will the RNS-E accept I Tunes songs purchased from the music store on the SD cards? I know MP3's are no problem but these ones purchased are protected AAC audio files? Just have loads and would not mind putting them on....
  3. JamS3

    RNS-E MP3 "Mix" not working

    No this is correct! Stupid bug that Audi UK don't think is a bug....loads of people compained as you would think advancing the track would skip to a different one but unfortunately any pressing of buttons inc switching to the radio and back results in the mix function being lost and having to...
  4. JamS3

    RNS-D Sat Nav Help do all the cables and stuff for RNS-D TMC Have a look at the guide posted above as this is what i followed when I fit mine in my 8L S3. Everything worked, you cant get TMC unless you have a new disc version and a TMC unit is needed in order to get the instructions on the...
  5. JamS3

    Brand new car and BOSE has weedy bass

    iv'e been driving my dads A4 at the min with BOSE in and its has bass but not loads, its a GOOD system but not brilliant as people state. I don't have it in my current S3 as next week I'm having a decent install done and will post some info on when its done. Listening to the normal system...
  6. JamS3

    RNS-E Crash

    Think the reset is holding the radio and setup buttons. Very interested in the SW600 software to see if anything if different and the few bugs have been fixed like the shuffle option on the cd/mp3 going off if any keys are pressed! Craig, any details?
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    RNS-E Software update

    Its good just to look at the screen and see it update without a route programmed to see where the holdups/accidents are.
  8. JamS3

    RNS-E Map Pointer Lag

    Its normal mate my RNS-D and current RNS-E is like this, dont worry! They are not bomb proof and prone to bugs etc, the delaer actually told me that and you think they should be considering what Audi charge for them!
  9. JamS3

    S3 (8P) ICE upgrade - more complicated than I thought

    I too am wanting to upgrade the stock system in my new S3. Is it possible to replace the standard sub with a new better one in the boot space (I know one won't fit in the space the standard one is in) and change the rear speakers keeping the existing wiring? What I dont want to do is start...
  10. JamS3

    Apple iPhone & Audi Bluetooth

    Not sure mate but have had experience of different phones on the bluetooth RNS-E sat nav system and its hit and miss with the phonebook and call lists being shown on the screen, sony ericsson seem to all work!
  11. JamS3

    RNS-E 2007 disc

    Its just a reset of the system to load the new software, nothing too technical!
  12. JamS3

    RNS-E 2007 copy?

    You also have a PM!
  13. JamS3

    fitting sat nav

    Awesome GTI on this site?
  14. JamS3

    Fitting satnav on 2002-2003 S3

    What sat nav are you looking at because it will depend how hard/easy it is to fit. You have a choice of RNS-D which is CD based and was standard fit on the 8L S3 (the model you are looking at), or you have RNS-E which is DVD based from the new versions. RNS-E is far superior and will fit into...
  15. JamS3

    Bluetooth handsfree with bose

    Get the Audi bluetooth system I have, bluetooth box goes under passenger seat, connects to RNS-E and microphone hidden in interior light cluster above your head. Syncs with your mobile phone. You just need to sit in the car and your phonebook,missed calls,dialled calls and signal strength...
  16. JamS3

    RNS-E 2007 copy?

    You have a PM
  17. JamS3

    Professional Sat Nav Retro-Fit

    I'm sure I'll be the first of many to reccomend Craig on here. He knows what hes doing both in fitting and vagcom coding the car to work with the nav. I trusted him with my new S3 in fitting sat nav and then bluetooth phone prep. Excellent job and good prices too.
  18. JamS3

    A3 replacement front speakers

    It will play mp3 cds if its a 2007 car and show track info on the radio. Many audio places I have visited hum and ha about the door speakers as they seem to be custom fit and until someone makes some custom Audi fit speakers then none will fit to the doors perfect.
  19. JamS3

    A3 8P Speaker info please?

    bigc I went to one of my local car audio places with my S3 and they would not touch it saying it was a nightmare to do! I was hoping to replace the speakers and sub as I don't have BOSE either and was wanting better sound.
  20. JamS3

    Upgrade to New S3 System

    Was thinking about upgrading the system to my new S3 as I didn't spec BOSE as my car was a cancelled order. I have the RNS-E satnav which I obviously want to keep as the headunit and am wanting a bit beefier bass than I have with the standard system. I don't want to play my music ear...