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    car in limp mode manifold pressure sensor glow plug light flashing fault

    hello, a3 2008 car kept going into limp mode, scanned error keeps poppin up; 1 Fault Found: 5169 - Manifold Pressure / Boost Sensor (G31) P0238 00 [175] - Signal too High MIL ON - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault...
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    Xenon headlight upgrade wire information

    Hello, just changing the headlights to xenon on my a3, bought a connector which fits in fine but the day runnin lights dont work, came with a long wire which im told fits into the bcm unit, anyone have ideas were it goes? bought he adaptors off ebay german seller who doesnt know how to connect...
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    Audi A3 Facelift conversion now headlight side light not working

    Hello, finally converted my 2005 to 2011 spec frontend as had a minor collision in car park so the used parts were near enough same for both fronts, :rock: trying to get the sidelights in headlights to work but dont seem to, any one have any advice as everything else fits, do i require...
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    RS3 MEGA SPEC going cheap............................................. ..............?

    nice rs3; Copart will make a very cheap car at a saving
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    S3 POWER in a POLO GTI better than a S3?

    Hello, anyone know of this polo gti with a s3 engine? my cousins planning to buy it instead of a s3, he thinks it'll be cheaper to run and insure than a stock s3 advice would be very much appreciated?
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    Want to fit S3 recaro seats into a A3 tdi 130 sport, is it possible?

    Hello, im new on here BUT not on the audi scene got a a3 tdi 130 sport, 03plate usin to clock up the mileage planning to fit a set of s3 recaro seats as they seem to be at realistic prices now <350 for a decent set off ebay, anyone done this before? my main concern is airbag, is the plug the...
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    NEW MEMBER (HELLO) problems with car locking itself

    hello, got a a3 sport diesel o3reg car keeps locking itself, had to call aa man out, anyone had this problem? driver door and sometimes the light dont work when u open door? advice would b much appreciated thanks