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  1. lee_fr200

    About to pull trigger opinions

    hi guys been out in a facelift RS3 today and loved it, more so than the pfl that I drove last December, Now I don’t see many new ones on here now and I see alot of ppl wanting to get out of 17,18 model year cars, can I ask why? Anything put you off? Any real reason why there doesn’t seem to be...
  2. lee_fr200


    so as most already know s and rs models are targeted as well as golf R’s What are you guys doing for car security and home security? Do you go to bed wondering if tonight will be the night? I bought a golf gti 2yrs ago after bottling getting the s3 or R but I’m looking to order an rs3...
  3. lee_fr200

    Rs3 and colours

    Hi guys So on Friday morning I had my test drive in the RS3, it was meant to be a facelift but alas the demo was sold the day before. On he morning they informed me they had a pfl instead in silver and did I still want to have a drive, of course I ****** did. So the saleswoman drove around the...
  4. lee_fr200

    Sportback discounts

    ive heard some people are getting good discounts but when I enquired I'm told no discounts available Gone on carwow and virtually every dealer says no discount apart from Stockport who have offered 3% Where's the best place to go? Also what's the lead time on cars as my current pcp is up in...
  5. lee_fr200

    Service costs

    I'm just making a forward plan How much is the servicing costs 20k service? 40k service? This is on a s3 Cheers guys
  6. lee_fr200

    S3 forge intake

    as title looks a lovely bit of kit
  7. lee_fr200

    S3 what finance deal and how much

    But nosey but I'm off to the dealer tomorrow and don't want to get ripped off, After sorting my spec on car wow the rrp is £41,700 After discount it's 37,700 so 4k off I'm looking at putting 6k down as a deposit to bring my payments down So around 31,700 will be financed hopefully via pcp...
  8. lee_fr200

    Pcp Discount And Dealer Contributions

    For those that have bought via pcp have you still received discounts as well as dealer and manufacturer contributions I see they offer the contributions but have they been included in the discount or as well as On orange wheels carwow dtd broadspeed for my spec gives me a 5k discount but when...
  9. lee_fr200

    S3 tow bar

    I notice audi haven't listed one in the options, anyone know if a tow bar will fit the s3? If so know anywhere that will do them?