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    Just to confirm - this is the official line from both BP and Shell regarding their premium Unleaded petrols: BP: Dear Mr Moffat Thank you for your query received in this office regarding BP Ultimate fuel. The RON (Research Octane Number) for BP Ultimate Unleaded is guaranteed 97. For...
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    S3 vs Type-R

    shoddy timing gear Seriously, 6.4 is a fast time. To achieve 6.4 in the S3 you would need a perfect start.
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    need pics of your clean motas!

    wow that S2000 looks clean and shiney
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    Hi guys, not been around in a long time, but got the text Rich! Going to be tentative on this one as I know my gf is planning a weekend away in March. Should it not clash, I will gatecrash this audi bash with the S2000 if I am welcome? Look forward to seeing some old faces!
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    New SPECS sites (Notts)

    I have been speaking to some people in the 'know' (obviously no the council or govt ) and the plan for Nottingham is to SPEC the whole A46 from Newark to Leicester (possibly not on the dual part). There is also a plan to do the whole A52 from Notts to Grantham. What a f******g joke that will...
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    wax and polish

    Personally I think Autoglym is awful stuff. The polish (i.e. the shine) does not last for very long and the white residue that its left after polishing is really bad. My first choice would be Zymol, then Zaino, then Meguiars. Meguiars is a fantastic alternative to AutoGlym for the price. See...
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    Anyone seen this colour S3?

    Thats a special order colour, Elderberry if I am not mistaken, nice but a chicks colour!
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    You cant have nothin these days...

    [ QUOTE ] Gambba said: Hard lines fella. [/ QUOTE ] Nice choice of words Gamba
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    New 2003 A3 (2.0 TDI) Pictures As Promised

    I am sorry, but there is not really an A3 that you can call remotely 'sporty'. The A3 has now established itself as a prestige hatch car, good build quality, nice engines, fantastic interior, BUT, numb lifeless steering and soft suspension, something a sports car should have. And can anyone...
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    How old are you guys? S3 and A3 new owners?

    I am 28 got an S3 225 and an S2000
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    Anyone remember this S3 battle....

    I have got a great vid of me whooping Wando in his old A3, and I have got a more recent vid of me kicking the **** of an S3 in the S2000 I will try to upload to somewhere tonight. I went to RWYB last week, and it was fricking busy, Jap car day. Didn't even get to run as it was so busy...
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    Help Car valuation required by newbie!

    You can get an even better one by going on AutoTrader and searching for similar cars. Glass is good but AutoTrader is more realistic.
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    s3 replacement

    The new A3Q will be reeeeaaallly boring. Why not wait for the new 04 model S2000, it will be a real gem, and a bit softer and more forgiving for those who are scared of teh frisky backend. It will have a gallon of extras too, its as fast as a Boxster S and better looking than a Z4. Oh, did I...
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    Nope, when you synchronise with your PC, be sad and watch what its doing. Near the beginning it will say "Saving your settings" or something similar. When it beeps just delete and they will never come back Just wish I could mute the fecker when it is beeping at a camera I know, especially when...
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    A whole year!

    ****** hell, is it one year already!!! John, you gotta get to Argo now for a ring hehhee
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    Traffic light Grand Prix.....

    me thinks Titan330 is a muppet. get yourself to Santa Pod and prove how fast or not you and your 330 are. Most auto publications give the 330 and the TT 225 similar 0-60's. I think it is more dependent on driver and not necessarily the car, unless its raining of course and you would get whooped!
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    Company Car List

    You could offer him a Fiat Sceintento to stay, they are cheap. Almost considered on my self, to pocket the £200+ per month that the company would give me Trabants are probably on our list, I think the name has been changed to MG Rover
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    Waxing in the hot..

    I try to avoid waxing/polishing and even washing the car in the hot weather especially if the car is a dark colour. if you really need to do it, either do as everyone else has said i.e shade / early morning or do one panel at a time. One panel at a time is quite easy to do if you use thin...
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    Silly Question's From A Soon-2-B S3 Owner!

    My gf has got a german import, but no BOSE. The BOSE option was £400 IIRC. Check the speakers, if no BOSE they will be Nokia